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Leading Industry Experts Share The Secrets To Finding Your Best Position

So you can ride with comfort and communicate effectively.
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Simple Riding Fixes (25 Min. 43 Sec.)

3 Simple Things You Can Do To Find a Deeper Seat (33 Min. 48 Sec.)

Adjusting Your Position to Help the Horse (13 Min. 11 Sec.)

Balance Coordination with Human and Horse (39 Min. 31 Sec.)

Your Hands On The Reins  (1 Hr. 6 Min. 18 Sec.)

The 5 Secrets to Reversing Rider Stiffness, Aches and Pains and Gain a more Supple, Balanced and Confident Seat (51 Min. 14 Sec.)

Are You Crooked (25 Min. 47 Sec.)

Find Your Most Balanced Riding Position (28 Min. 22 Sec.)


Riding to Deepen and Improve Balance in the Horse and Rider (23 Min. 05 Sec.)

Teaching Jump Position Through Grids (10 Min. 24 Sec.)


How to Use a Reset to take your Communication to the Next Level (20 Min. 41 Sec.)

The How Of Riding The Canter (54 Min. 16 Sec.)

A Breath of Fresh Air (25 Min. 32 Sec.)

Stretch To Connect: Ridden Stretching Exercises to Help Find Harmony With Your Horse (22 Min. 22 Sec.)

Make Your Horse Happy With Correct Position (42 Min. 05 Sec.)

Busting Myths & Misconceptions about Rising Trot 

(17 Min. 00 Sec.)

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Learn From These Remarkable Horseman...

Russ Krachun

Inspirational horse trainer and clinician

Mike Hughes

International horse trainer

Angelo Telatin

Associate Professor and Horse Trainer, The Concious Horsemanship

Alissa Mayer

Hanna Somatic Educator, a horse trainer and connection-building specialist

Amanda Barton

BHS Accredited Professional Coach, a UKCC Equine Endurance Coach and a Pony Club Coach

Paula Curtis

Professional Equestrian, Founder of Because of the Horse

Wendy Murdoch

Internationally recognized equestrian instructor and clinician for over 30 years

Cyril Pittion-Rossillon

Co-Director and Instructor Palm Partnership Training Schools

Jec Aristotle Ballou

Horse trainer and top-selling author

Anna Bergenstrahle

International Horse Trainer, Founder of Rider Fitness

Josh Nichol

International Horse Trainer

Mary Wanless

Internationally Renowned Coach and Equestrian

Carla Bauchmueller

 Studied firsthand in world renowned programs such as Sally Swift’s Centered Riding® and The Classical German Training System.

Callie King

Callie King specializes in taking a science-based approach to both teaching and training.

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