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Meet The Curtis Family ~ Founders of Art Of The Horseman


"Horses can be the catalyst to our own self-growth, making us better people along the way." - Paula Curtis

Hello! My name is Paula Curtis, and my husband Jack and I have been teaching and training together since our teens.  We are the founders of the Art Of The Horseman.

I grew up on a boarding and training farm, and Jack was starting horses for local breeders at the age of 14.  Early on we had the chance to ride with quality horsemen like Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Walter Zettl, etc...

From the beginning, it was apparent that a well-rounded education was essential.

But it is not always possible to find quality horse people in your area.

PLUS...There is so much to learn!

Learning from amazing horsemen has always had a profound impact on our students and us.

I have always encouraged my students to learn from quality horse professionals.

LEARNING was the key to making all the difference. A well-rounded education from diverse, quality instructors is key.

Knowledge is Power... It allows us to advocate for our horses... when it is the right kind of knowledge.

We know from experience that when you learn from the right people, better relationships, care, and respect for these amazing animals are the by-products.

We want to make the world a better place. Our passion is helping horses and their people meaningfully.

"Because Of The Horse" we get to raise our children in a more meaningful way. They get lessons on life, brought to them by their favorite horse.

Better People... Better Horses... Better World...