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What You Will Find Inside The Fair "Arenas"

The Horsemanship Mindset...What it is and how you can develop it...
Allowing you to be more effective, get more done, and become the one your horse looks to for guidance.

✔️How and why training is NEVER "one size fits all" when it comes to you and your horse. (Your toolbox will exponentially grow allowing you to always find the best solution in all situations.)

✔️How to get your horse to reliably listeneven if he is scared or distracted. This matters because your horse trusts you and seeks your guidance. (Jack Curtis's presentation shows you just that)

✔️ How to create the confidence, unity, partnership, and understanding you always wanted. With fun new ways to create meaningful and interesting experiences with your horse that will have him waiting at the gait for more. 

✔️ How to find your horse's hidden talents and strengths, and use them to get what you want. 

✔️ How and why you shouldn't hope your horse trailer loads, instead know they will, Kate Fenner will show you how, with love and kindness at the forefront.

And much, MUCH, More!

The #1 Key to a Better Horse... Hint... It begins with you! (and it's not that hard)


✔️ How to make real progress, and make it effortlessly. (Discover 17 simple and actionable techniques shared by these leading experts)

✔️ Five secrets to reversing rider stiffness. Dissolve your bad postures and habits, and find your own best position.

✔️ What specific yoga exercises you can do today that will drastically improve your ride.  

✔️ The EXACT step-by-step formula to increase confidence, allowing you to break through your riding plateaus.

✔️ 3 simple things you can do to find your best positionas you connect with your horse. (Paula Curtis shows you how to by making it easy and fun)

And SO Much more...

When you understand the whole horse, you will become an educated advocate for him. Your horse will thank you.


✔️ The key ingredients in keeping a happy healthy horse

✔️What to look for in a balanced hoof trim.

✔️ What makes your horse tick, his attitude towards "training" and the perfect environment you can create today for him to flourish. (Covered in countless presentations.) 

✔️ What suppling exercises are best for your horse, and how to work them into your routine. AND Many, Many, More!

Our Bonuses Set You Up For Success

BONUS #1 Top Groundwork Lessons

We compiled the "best of class" presentations from all our previous fairs on groundwork, so you can have more confidence, and clarity when it comes to your groundwork.

✔️Join in while 34 of the world's top instructors, teach you 92 step-by-step lessons so you will unlock the keys to harness ALL the potential you have on the ground with your horse.

✔️ Learn what makes your horse tick, his attitude towards "training" and the perfect environment you can create today... so you both can flourish. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I am learning so much more than I knew and love the diversity of all the lessons. l just love it!" -Nannon Zermatten Riechel

BONUS #2 Better Riding in 14 Days

✔️ Finally get rid of those bad habits that are weighing you down. 3 weird tricks, that shatter old patterns instantly!

✔️ How to have more confidence, find a better position, and refine your aids with your horse as your teacher. This means you can make more progress in less time. 9 simple exercises get you on track.

✔️ 12 Coach-On-Your Shoulder audio lessons, so you are not left in the arena grasping for what you have learned, while it slips from your mind, like water through an open hand. 

✔️ How to use suppling and relaxation, to develop your best position. Stop forcing and contorting, instead, dance with your horse like a grand prix dressage queen.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  "Great ideas to help horse and rider. What I liked the most was that she was most concerned about what the horse thought of all the exercises. The exercises were easy to understand. It should be useful for the advanced rider in all disciplines and for instructors to pass on to beginner riders." -Gretchen Schmidt

Bonus #3 Excellence In Horsemanship Course 

♥️ How quality horsemanship is different than regular training... and why you should bother to learn the methods. (The short answer is that it spells the difference between happily engaged partners... and sour, disinterested horses.)

🤫 #1 Secret Master Horseman know, and how you can begin using it today. (This will have horses attracted to you like a magnet.)

✅ 3 simple philosophies you can apply today, to gain a lighter more responsive horsewithout feeling as though you have to get firmer just to achieve lightness.

🎧 With guided instruction from our audio lessons, you can "take a lesson" minus feeling the pressure to "perform" in front of an instructor. With a coach on your shoulder, your confidence will soar.***(Game-Changing Instruction at the time you need it most!)***

😍 Feel empowered as you connect with your horse in brand new ways, paving the way to possibilities you had not even imagined. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  "Loving this! Very excited to get a few “toys” to engage my boy with. Thank you!" -Susan

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BONUS #4 Mindset and Goals 

Mindset Is Everything!

The fair and bonuses give you tons of exciting knowledge, wheelbarrows full of inspiring ideas, and 100's of fantastic exercises... BUT how do you put it all together!?!

With our top mindset lessons, of course!

These key lessons offer the tools you need to grow your confidence, and reach your goals, so you enjoy the journey, as much as the result.

Bonus #5 LIVE EXPERT Help!

Horsemanship is an art form, and just like any art, it can get messy!

Things don't always go perfectly, and sometimes you need someone in your corner, to give you specific tools, techniques, and support, so you can confidently step into your next session knowing exactly what to do.

The monthly group coaching sessions, dive deep to solve any riding or training problems you may have.

  • Bring any questions you may have to the zoom call, and feel the confidence that comes with now knowing exactly what to do.
  • Enjoy the momentum that is created when you know you have a team of world-class professionals in your corner!
  • Can't make it?  Email us your question beforehand. Calls are recorded, just watch the replay at your leisure.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cheryl says "Thank you so much for helping me with Red, the suggestions you gave me in last nights call were just the ticket!"

Bonus #6 Private Online Community

In our "off of social" private community, you can interact and hone your skills, without the negativity sometimes found on "social media" platforms.

The community is a great place to engage, support, and motivate one another so you can discuss the finer points of horsemanship with "your people."

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BONUS #7 100+ Page Fair Workbook 

  • Recall all of the important details, and key takeaways quickly and efficiently.
  • Handy Checklists, Easy to use Lesson Planners, Goal Setting Worksheets, Take Notes, Record your progress, and more...  

Set both you and your horse on a path to success.

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Get Lifetime Access To Enjoy Taking Your Time to Absorb all of the life-changing lessons  

Plus...  Special Bonuses and Courses set you up for success!


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  • BONUS #1 Top Groundwork Lessons Bundle [$1000 Value]
  • BONUS #2 Better Riding In 14 Days Course [$497 Value]
  • BONUS #3 Excellence In Horsemanship Course [$299 Value]
  • BONUS #4 Mindset and Goals [$497 Value]
  • BONUS #5 Live Group Coaching, YOUR specific horse training questions answered. [$497 Value] 
  • Bonus #6 Private Online Community [Priceless]
  • Bonus #7 100+ Page Fair Workbook [$99 Value]

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And you might be left feeling stuck, frustrated, or that your momentum is lost.

Do you treasure the time with your horse, and feel as though those moments are like a sanctuary, amidst the crazy times we are living in.

…But sometimes feel as though your sessions lack inspiration, or that you’re just spinning your tires, or not making the progress you want.

...OR maybe you just know there's something more and you can't quite put your finger on it.

It's O.K.!!!  You're not the only one! AND You're in the right place! :)

We all are on our own path, and your NEW story begins today!

Inside the fair, you will find top-notch; trainers from all disciplines, coaches, vets, bodyworkers, all believing in kind and fair methods, and a community of equestrians just like you that want to do the same.

You will be inspired to try new things, use new tools, and celebrate your achievements.

Your soul will be filled with the goodness of horses and people that care!

When the world feels a bit upside down, your horsemanship does not have to be.

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A Note From: Jack and Paula Curtis (founders of "Art Of The Horseman")

To: Fellow Equestrians

Subject: We Are On A Mission

You Are On Your Way To Becoming The Best You For Your Horse... An Educated Advocate... Your Horse DESERVES It!

Do you believe in kind and fair treatment for your horse? Do believe your horse should be trained without fear and intimidation? Without harsh tools and techniques?


You are in the right place!

The Art Of The Horseman is a gathering of the most thoughtful and considerate experts in the industry, taking a holistic look at the entire picture for both horse and riderMind, Body, Spirit...

Finally, a one-stop resource with leading experts coming together to make a change for the better, in how we interact, handle, and keep our horses today.

Say goodbye to the barriers of discipline exclusion, and the singularity of following only one trainer... 

When you put the horse first, we can learn so much from one another.  Creating a better future for both us and our horses.

So... Buckle your seatbelts, and get ready to be; inspired, motivated, and educated, by leading experts you can trust.

Say goodbye to ordinary outdated training methods, and ways of learning them.

Instead, step into the future and JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Better People... Better Horses... Better World...

If you’ve tried to get amazing results with your horse using standard training methods and techniques in the past and failed...

— I’m here to tell you, it’s NOT your fault! 

If you think you can’t be an amazing rider and trainer, I want to put those concerns to rest!

You can do it! There is a different way to learn!

You just need the Right People, with the Right Tools, to show you how…

Education is essential... But, It can be hard to make solid progress when many clinics, shows, and events are shut down... It can be expensive too!! (lodging, gas, fees, etc...)

PLUS who takes care of your animals while you are away!?!

You Know... how valuable just one simple tweak in your riding and training can completely transform the outcome.

You Know...Learning from the right people is essential for the well-being of you and your horse.

This is exactly why we put together this online event.

But... To watch all of the presentations in 2 short days, will be impossible... PLUS... We can't give the best trainings away for free...

Which Means...Your Free Ticket Allows Access To Limited Presentations AND Is Good ONLY Two Days 


Let me ask you a few questions.

  • Are you serious about doing the best for your horse?
  • Do you want to take your horsemanship to the next level?
  • Do you value quality instruction, and understand it takes time and effort, often reviewing valuable lessons to maximize your results?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then I suggest upgrading your ticket with this special one-time offer.

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I can not even begin to explain how much progress I have made, how far I have gotten with my horses by learning from leading experts from all fields in the industry. 

It Is Transformative.

AND you can do the same. It's NOT magic.

The principles taught here work with all horses, and across all disciplines. 

It's so easy, just watch and apply, then come back for more.  When you apply what you learn and revisit the training, you will fine-tune and finesse your horsemanship, taking you places you had not imagined possible.

If you are a learner type like me, (I have countless DVD's, online courses, and a library of books)

OR if your committed to making REAL progress with your horse (the right kind of progress) click below for lifetime access.

STOP spending time, surfing the web, and muddling around trying to piece it all together.

QUIT feeling stuck, frustrated, and uninspired... 


Click The Link Below And Enroll Now!


Yes - Tell Me More!

At Last... A resource of leading experts teaching the *real secrets* to their success. 

This means you will have the tools you need to fast-track your horsemanship and the confidence to do it.

There is so much information out there, and sometimes it is difficult to sift out what is best, which is why we have done the work for you.

This one-stop library of knowledgeinspiration, and motivation, will save you time, money, and travel, so you can spend more time doing what you love. (Horsin' around!)

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With Lifetime Access To Top Tier Trainings, Mini-Courses, and Masterclass Sessions

You Will Ride Better, Train Better, & Improve Your Partnership ~ Giving You the Confidence and Skills You Need To Succeed

No matter what level rider you are or discipline you ride. 

In Fun New Ways... AND Less Time Than You Think!

Even if you think there is a "slight chance" we can make a difference in your partnership with your horse, then you should enroll today.

When you purchase you have instant access to our private member's area with all the 2024 presentations, the horsemanship course, riding course, groundwork course, audio lessons, bonus trainings,  and printable workbook to see for yourself.

If it helps... Your horsemanship journey will never be the same.  You'll get more done in each and every session with your horse, and be well on your way to an even better more meaningful partnership with your horse.

If not... just let us know and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

So really you have nothing to lose, just click below and let the transformation begin.

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Do You Have A Question? No Worries!

We have your answers!

✓ I am new to horse ownership, OR I ride school horses at my local stable.  Is this suitable for me?  YES! Talk to any long time horse person, and they will tell you the importance of a well-rounded education. Many of us spent thousands of dollars driving to clinics to learn from just one of these greats. Now you have access right at your fingertips. What a great way to start your journey off right!

✓ I am not currently riding, is this suitable for non-riders? Of Course!  We value groundwork as much as riding! Plus, there are massages, bodywork, in hand and theory lessons that you are sure to love!

 When will I have access? You will begin access the instant you upgrade your ticket.  You will receive an email with login details after you register.

✓ Do you have an app? YES!  We have a super easy to use app so you can access all of your products on your phone! :)

✓ It is winter where I live, and I can't do much with my horse right now. OH MY! This is a perfect time to give one of the mat classes, yoga classes, or theory lessons a try.  Then come spring you can show up as the best you, for your horse. Your horse deserves it! PLUS...This is the lowest price we will ever offer this package, you don't want to miss out on this introductory offer! 

✓ What if I cant make coaching calls?  No worries!  Submit your question beforehand, and then watch the replay!

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