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How To Progress Faster, Create A Better Partnership,
and Find More Enjoyment

No matter the type of horse you have, discipline you ride or experience level!

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The #1 thing to progress further (and faster) is to improve the connection with your horse.

If you've experienced any of these problems:

Dull  -  Disinterested  -  Unresponsive  -  Inattentive  -  Hard to lead  -  Bucking  -  Spooking  -  Bolting  -  Explosive  -  Trailer loading problems  -  Hard to catch  -  Hard-mouthed  -  Behind the leg

Or maybe you feel like something is missing but not sure what...

Or, you just know you want a better connection with your horse...

Here's the truth...

Once you truly connect with your horse at the deepest level, it resolves most "training" problems and creates seemingly effortless results.

It's not magic although it can feel like it.

And it doesn't just happen without the right kind of approach - and practice.

But it can (and does) happen, with extraordinary results.

Connection is the FIRST thing we work on in all our training and coaching work with hundreds of horses and riders. And we've been successfully doing this since 1994.

In this Free Online Connection Workshop, you'll get some of our favorite tools, techniques and troubleshooting tips to help unlock your true partnership potential with your horse.

So you can progress faster, deepen your connection AND have more fun along the way.

You'll find easy to follow and actionable videos, worksheets and even a special BONUS audio lesson (yours to download and keep).

ALL focused on helping you get the most out of each training session with your horse.

And the cool part is it's simple, FUN, and effective... using play, in both groundwork and riding.

Here's What You'll Learn

‚úst¬†The Power of Positive Experiences - learn how to create unique and novel experiences with your horse that¬†build¬†(not destroy) trust and curiosity, leading to a happy, willing partner

‚úst The right way to direct your horse's mind that sets them up for success - you'll learn how and when to encourage curiosity and direct attention AND how and when to give your horse space and time to think

‚úst¬†The Power of Observation so you can read and understand your horse better and discover what really matters to them - the foundations for any meaningful relationship¬†¬†

‚úst¬†The importance of exercising the horse's energy level as much as exercising their body - you'll learn how to trigger a fun, playful state (NOT a fearful, flight response) so that you can build trust and have more fun together

‚úst¬†A¬†SPECIAL BONUS "on-the-aids" exercise (video + audio!) to get you riding every stride¬†with¬†clarity¬†so you don't make it hard for your horse to know where to be and what to do - plus you'll find making corrections so much easier

Throughout The Workshop...

Experience exercises and techniques on the ground, at liberty, and ridden PLUS invaluable insights and troubleshooting tips that will help you become someone your horse looks to for comfort, direction, and connection so that you can progress faster and enjoy your time together.

Your Workshop Instructors Paula & Jack Curtis

We have always had a passion to help horses and their people in a meaningful way through quality horsemanship - no matter the discipline, type of horse or experience level. And we believe that learning and training can (and should) be meaningful and fun for both horse and human.

Since 1994, we have been training and teaching and, along the way, have had the honor and pleasure of learning from people like Ray Hunt, Walter Zettl, and Buck Brannaman.

We are the Founders of The Art of The Horseman, the world's first online horse fair, leading Online Training Coaches, and #1 Best Selling Author (Paula). 

In this Free Workshop, we'll share with you some of our favorite tools, techniques and troubleshooting tips to help you progress faster, deepen your connection AND enjoy the journey.