Alissa Mayer - Part 4 - Somatics for Riders

A 40+ minute Mat Class appropriate for all fitness levels, this video is the first lesson of the 8 Somatics for Riders mat class lessons in Alissa's Posture Transformation Program.- In this lesson, we will work with the Extensor Muscles of the Back.When these muscles are chronically contracted, they are responsible for the most common complaint in our society: lower back pain! Join me and learn to first control, and then reset/release your chronic back tension in this gentle movement class.

Because of the Horse I am motivated every day to become my Best Self and develop my Presence to be the most effective advocate, coach and instructor that I can be.

Because of the horse, I discovered Hanna Somatics and I am having a positive impact on thousands of lives (equine, human, canine..).

Because of the horse I am changing the world!


My Passion and Mission is unleashing the potential of horses and humans to become happy, athletic, connected and free in their bodies, minds, and...

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Paula Curtis - Stretch To Connect

A fun, and easy way to begin each ride and warm your horse up.  When you begin your rides in this manner, it allows you to find a secure balanced position, and your horse genuinely looks forward to the warmup and ride, because you shift your intentions and focus on what truly matters.

Because of the horse… I have learned to make the necessary changes within to truly connect center and grow.  They have taught me to look within first, as that is where true change begins.

I want to make the world a better place. I have always had a passion to help horses and their people in a meaningful way. Horses in their own unique way bring us back to the moment, making it necessary to be present. In learning to work with them through feel and understanding, they teach us about ourselves.  A fusion of concepts on life applied to the horse, making us better people along the way.

Better People. Better Horses. Better World!


Paula Curtis Founder Of The Art Of The Horseman,...

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Heidi Blackman - Yoga for Riders

Join in on a yoga class designed specifically for the unique challenges of riders.

Because of the Horse I am more aware and have a closer understanding of my true nature. Horses are constantly bringing me more awareness of what is going on in my body, surroundings and mind as well as with those around me. That awareness gives me the possibility to change each of those things so I can be more centered, present and connected. Yoga brings me similar awareness and stillness of the mind. Horses and yoga complement each other beautifully and I feel blessed to have both in my life. I intend to share both with as many people as I can to help them lead more centered and soulful lives.

Heidi Blackman is a 500-hr ERYT yoga instructor and founder of Equisol Retreats, which offers horseback riding and yoga retreats in Nosara, Costa Rica. Heidi has been practicing yoga since 2002 and completed her initial yoga teacher training through YogaWorks with Kia Miller in 2012. She then completed her...

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Jane Pike - Anxiety, Fear & Emotional Flow

When it comes to emotions, most of us have a pretty clear idea about the ones we want to experience and the ones we want to avoid, no more so than when it comes to negotiating fear and anxiety in the saddle. Without the necessary skills to deal effectively with difficult or uncomfortable emotions, we find ourselves suppressing or denying what we feel in an effort to cultivate a false sense of confidence or bravado when working with our horses. 

In this session, we talk about how to successfully work with anxiety and fear in a way that keeps us in flow with our emotions and allows us to appreciate them as a means of communication that ultimately works to our highest benefit. We discuss the ways and means to be kind with your mind, the motivating questions behind your emotions, and a specific process for dealing with anticipation anxiety both in and out of the saddle.

Because of the horse, I have been gifted with insight and self-reflection. They’ve given me the courage to...

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Ben Longwell - Trailer Loading PRE Mare

Learn how to prepare a young horse to safely load in a trailer/float or truck by helping them think in the right direction. This video details several approaches that can be helpful for a variety of horses. Please note: this is not a problem-solving case, but the principles will be applicable for a horse that has developed a problem loading/unloading.

Ben grew up riding horses and working cattle on the Western Slope of Colorado. After finishing school, he spent much of his time doing day work for ranches & outfits in the area, learning from the skills and experience of the ranchers. He also spent a year working as assistant trainer at a Quarter Horse breeder in Colorado learning the basics of colt starting and authentic horsemanship.

Having spent much of the next six years in the colt starting & horse training business, his knowledge and experience continued to expand. During this time Ben worked on a 300,000 acre cattle & horse ranch in Wyoming, where he was also...

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Create, Encourage, & Observe Curiosity Connect Through Positive Experiences Together



Get so much more done with your horse through improving your connection. Join The Full Connection Workshop Here:


Connection makes everything so much easier, and most training problems just melt away.Create, Encourage, & Observe Curiosity Connect Through Positive Experiences Together

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Trailer Loading Made Easy, Explore, Relax, Understand ~ Ben Longwell 2020 Art Of The Horseman

In this video, Ben Longwell presents the trailer to a horse for the first time in a way where the horse can explore relax and understand. Learn how to watch what your horse is thinking and saying to help direct their thoughts to encourage them to load in the trailer.

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