Radek Libal - What to do when your Horse is Scared

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

The way you react when your horse gets scared decides about whether he is going to be more or less likely to get scared again in the future. This video will show you how to give your horse and yourself more confidence. You will learn how to react and calm your horse down once he gets scared. React correctly every time your horse gets scared and you will end up with a super confident horse.

Because of the horse you can discover who you truly are.

I was fascinated by horses since the first moment I have first seen one. I don't remember how old I was, but I knew I have to get involved with them. At first the closest I could get to "riding on a horse" was going on a kids carousel in a park in the center of Prague. My grandmother used to take me there. To me the horses there felt almost real because they were a lot bigger than me. Soon I started dreaming about riding on real horses. I was able to start riding on real horses when I got 12 years old. When I was 16 I started competing. First I used to ride parkour, a lot later I switched to western. During that time I had all sort of coaches and learned with many different trainers from all over the world, from both Europe and USA.

 In 2012 I have started selling my first online training on horse training and doing live events. I also started giving out lessons, which is not something I originally wanted tot be doing. I just wanted to be training horses I have never originally wanted to be training people.However since people were very happy with my training over here in Czech Republic, we translated it to english and started sellling it abroad in english speaking countries. It sells the most in USA, UK and Australia, but also in South Africa and many other places. Most of my life horses were my passion and I wanted them to be a passion, I have spend hours with horses every day. I didnt want it to turn to my income source because I was woried it would spoil it, since I would then "have to" do it. In the end, it turned out that way and so far it is a lot better than I thought. Because of the horse you can discover who you truly are"


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