Lynn Palm - Train Outside the Box

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

Lynn trained her first Word Champion, Lecanto Raider, on the trails. Riding outside the arena where for pleasure or competition is a great way to bond with your horse, concentrate on your position as a rider and develop the communication with your natural aids. The change in scenery and terrain is always a good challenge for both you and your horse as well.

Because of the horse our lives have been enriched with traveling the world while meeting wonderful people who share joy in the unique bond we all have with these magical animals.


For more than 40 years Lynn Palm and Cyril Pittion-Rossillon have provided training for thousands of horses and riders with their dressage principles based teaching methods. With clinics across the US and abroad, the duo also welcome riders to their multi-discipline facility, Fox Grove Farm in Ocala, Florida.   


Palm Equestrian Academy invite english, western and dressage riders to soak in the splendor of Fox Grove Farm while learning correct horsemanship in a safe and fun environment. Whether visiting for an afternoon or creating a three month equestrian vacation, riders will thrive in the incomparably beautiful setting.


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