Lorie Duff - Communication, Trust, and Respect !

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Presented in this short film Lorie talks about some of the basis of her horsemanship philosophy, communication, trust and respect. 

All three key components of Lorie’s horsemanship is briefly described with some short video examples of each one. 

All three clips are of “real moments” firstly Communication is demonstrated with a participant and his horse.

Lorie discusses in this video clip how to be “clear with your communication

”Trust, Lorie demonstrating “Liberty” with an Arabian horse and talks about her philosophy of trust. 

Respect, while working with a stallion during an expo demonstration, Lorie discusses gaining respect. Lorie further talks respect of one another, the horse and the human.

Because of the Horse my life has been an amazing journey !

My passion, my drive & my love of living life is all Because of the Horse !

Horses freed my heart & freed my mind to “Always try to find a better way



Lorie Duff is an Internationally renowned Equestrian Clinician, a Foundation Horsemanship Trainer, Provincial Canadian Equine Judge, Equine Business Consultant & Motivational Speaker.

Lorie was born and raised on a scenic dairy farm overlooking the ocean in Topsail, Newfoundland . Lorie credits her parents and “the simple farm life” to how she developed her Philosophy of Horsemanship.

Some of Lorie’s accomplishments were winning numerous Newfoundland Equestrian Association championship titles in several equine divisions. Lorie also received both horsemanship & sportsmanship awards.

Lorie’s philosophy of communication, trust & respect helps establish a safe and solid inter-disciplinary platform that will support and enhance the continued mutual learning of humans and horses that work together. She takes great pleasure in the success of others and considers this her only true gauge of her own success, which has taken her throughout North America & Europe teaching her philosophy.

One of Lorie’s greatest recent achievements was to be the “First Ever Western Performer” invited to the RCMP Sunset Ceremonies for 2 consecutive years to showcase the western discipline and to demonstrate her horsemanship Philosophies.

Other Equestrian Accomplishments:

  • Clinician & Demonstrator at the 2016 Can-Am All Breed Expo, in Markham, Ontario
  • Live Liberty Performances during the 2017 Calgary Stampede
  • Represented Canada as a competitor in the 2018 Gobi Desert Cup Endurance Race in Mongolia

Lorie has appeared in several segments on “ CTV Morning News Live” in Ottawa, Ontario promoting her horsemanship and local equestrian events.

In 2017 Lorie co-produced a film called “Humble and Kind”, which showcases Lorie and her Liberty horse Titan. It focuses on their learning path through Lorie's philosophies. This film was nominated for an award in the Best Short Film category at the Equus Film Festival in New York City!

She is currently focussing on expanding how she reaches her clientele and writing a book called “How I Got There”. Stay tuned for a video series to be released in 2020.


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