Lindsey Patridge - The Harmony Energy Scale: know when and how to get your horse ready to learn, calm them down, or bring up their energy

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

Is your horse in a frame of mind ready to learn? Being in a calm alert state allows your horse to process information and learn from what you are teaching them. If they are in a high-energy, anxious, or low energy state it is not possible for them to learn. Understanding how to recognize where your horse is on the Harmony energy scale and what to do to help your horse get into their thinking frame of mind is essential for working with horses.

Because of the horse I learnt their language.

Lindsey Partridge is a 3 time discipline champion at the Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover, Legends Champion of the 2019 Midwest Fair Mustang Makeover, Founder of Harmony Horsemanship, Level 2 Centered Riding Instructor, Equine Canada English and Western Competition Coach, Horse Trainer for feature films, Freestyle Judge, 2018 Versatility Challenge Reserve Champion at Equine Affaire, and 2018 Pro Extreme Cowboy Regional Reserve Champion, Toronto Star nicknamed "Canada's Horse Whisperer," best known for her extreme bridleless performances with her off the track Thoroughbred Trivia Time and the massive blue tarp, taking her horse into the Super 8 hotel, or taking Dreamer at liberty through New York City for Dreamers Day Out. On top of her equestrian career with many extreme cowboy and jumper titles to her name, Lindsey is a Registered Nurse with a BScN specializing in public health and mental health. Lindsey uses her knowledge and research on positive mental health to influence training techniques with horses. 


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