Cheryl Henderson - ABC'S Of The Equine Hoof

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

Cheryl will show you how to better read your horse's hoof and gauge its health.  With simple easy to understand descriptions, she will show you how you can help your horse be sounder and more balanced, through proper trimming and reading and understanding of the hoof and how it functions.

My name is Cheryl Henderson. I have studied the hoof for eighteen years through cadaver research and professional trimming. Including I studied many of the popular hoof trimming practices, adopting methods that worked and abandoning those that did not. This prompted me to dispel the myths on the hoof or to prove them accurate The discoveries found I wish to share with everyone and hope you will join me on this journey.

A dedication for the equine inspired a desire to teach others the mysteries of the hoof. To achieve this I use several avenues. I published a "step-by-step" how to trim manual called the ABC HoofPrint Trim. Present hundreds of clinic's in ten different countries. Actively been an international hoof care consultant. Written numerous articles on the hoof that have be published in several equine magazines. One of the more significant contributions to the hoof came with eight years of hoof cadaver studies using carpet beetles.

My goal is for all equine owners to have personal knowledge of the hoof . The three things we took from the horse in captivity is,"their ability to take care of the teeth, their feet and their diet." We need education of these three and more to be good stewards. Join over 16,000 members sharing hoof care on the ABC Hoof Care - Natural Hooves facebook group.


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