Ariana Sakaris - Synchronization into the Halt

Uncategorized May 19, 2020


Learn how to teach your horse how to synchronize with you into the halt. In the most basic terms, this means teaching your horse how to stop their feet when you stop your feet. Some of the benefits of this exercise include:

    • -Improving the respect between you and your horse
    • Helping your horse start to focus on you more, by watching your movements in preparation for when you stop your feet
    • Helping your horse start to relax more, as they understand they are safely under your guidance and influence
    • Being able to practice communicating in a clear and effective manner with your aids, and then dissolving your aids and relaxing from within yourself to reward your horse


Because of the Horse I have learned how to speak and connect to people’s hearts, instead of just their minds. I have learned how to see people for who they are at their core, not what they look like on the outside, with the clothes they wear or the way their body looks. I’ve learned how to look behind the curtain and see each person’s strengths, and see the value and beauty they bring to the world. But most of all, none of this would be possible without first seeing it in myself. And I am forever grateful to the horse, for pushing me out of my comfort zone enough to morph, change, and grow into the woman I am today. Without having experienced failure, fear, doubt, and much more, I wouldn’t have learned how to peel back my own curtain enough to get to my core and my essence. Because of the horse, I accept and value myself, and see a much deeper value in all the people and animals around me.

Ariana’s journey with horses began at the young age of 5 years old, where she became fascinated with horses and the interactions humans share with them. This led her into a lifelong passion of learning and growing, both in her horsemanship and in her own personal life. She committed many years to traveling both within the U.S. and overseas to gain valuable hands on experience, and to be mentored by world renowned professionals. She has trained with several respected USDF Gold Medalists in Dressage, spent time overseas learning about Classical Dressage, and spent time learning from greatly valued Horsemanship and Liberty professionals. These experiences helped her gain valuable insight into the love, patience and compassion that goes into bringing horses and people to a point of better understanding both on the ground and in the saddle.

She is known for her calm, patient, and empathetic approach when she works with horses, and also with the humans that accompany them. She has a commitment to always bettering herself and a love of teaching and sharing her knowledge in a way that is relatable and mutually respectful to both the horse and human. Ariana was awarded Reserve Champion with her mare “Mermaid” in the 2017 Midwest Horse Fair Star Search Competition, as well as with her mare “Wild Heart” in the 2017 Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover. She has given demonstrations at the National Mounted Police Colloquium and has been a clinician at the Midwest Horse Fair. She has also participated in performances alongside her mentors at events such as Breyerfest, the Denver Stock Show, and the U.S. Dressage Finals. 


 Ariana is currently based in the horse capital of Lexington, Kentucky with her mares “Mermaid” and “Wild Heart.” She teaches, trains, and travels for clinics, focusing on Dressage, Groundwork, Liberty, and Young Horse Development, with a special focus on Weanling & Yearling education. She is beginning to offer in-depth online training, mentorship, and support. Her intention is to inspire and help people gain a better understanding of themselves and the connection they have with their horses. Her goal is that this connection helps to grow a greater acceptance of people and animals worldwide.


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