Alice Trindle - Relaxed and Supple- Exercises For In The Saddle

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

We spend considerable time and energy on preparing our horse mentally to ride; making sure he is attentive and has a good attitude. Sometimes we might not spend enough time preparing our horse physically for that same ride. In a previous segment, Alice Trindle demonstrated how you can prepare your horse to be ridden with exercises that supple and relax your horse. In this segment, she takes those concepts into the saddle and shows you how you can prepare your horse to be physically ready to ride.

Alice Trindle pursues horsemanship that is a bit on the eclectic side. Born into an Eastern Oregon ranching family, her roots are in the traditions of developing a good working ranch horse. However, as the desire to study horsemanship became a passion, she has recognized the necessity of building a relationship with the horse through feel, timing, and balance that comes from an understanding of bio-mechanics. These principles are those of our Oregon horsemen such Tom and Bill Dorrance, and Dan Warnock, Sr. As Alice has discovered, they are also the principles of Classical Dressage masters such as Nuno Olivera and Bettina Drummond. 


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