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Leading Industry Experts Share The Secrets To Finding Your Best Mindset

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The 4 Pillars of Overcoming Fear of Riding (21 Min. 51 Sec.)


Overcome Riding Fear & Gain Confidence in the Saddle (1 Hr. 02 Min. 42 Sec.)


Structuring Your Ride (16 Min. 37 Sec.)


Through the eyes of the horse Part 1 (40 Min. 11 Sec.)


The 5 Most Common Mental 'Mistakes' and Their Solutions Compressed (34 Min. 36 Sec.)


Through the eyes of the horse Part 2 (44 Min. 28 Sec.)


The 4 Domains of Building a Heart Connection (34 Min. 54 Sec.)


Building Connection through Conflict Resolution (45 Min. 34 Sec.)


S.M.A.R.T.  Interactions  (40 Min. 30 Sec.)


The 4 Pillars of HarmoniLogie (22 Min. 12 Sec.)


 4 Secrets for a Deep and Trusting Relationship with your Horse (24 Min. 35 Sec.)


Exercises for a Deep and Trusting Relationship with your Horse (20 Min. 18 Sec.)

Jenny Wild & Peer Claßen - Learning from Crisis (13 Min. 15 Sec.)


Anxiety, Fear & Emotional Flow Horse 

(28 Min. 18 Sec.)

When it comes to emotions, most of us have a pretty clear idea about the ones we want to experience and the ones we want to avoid, no more so than when it comes to negotiating fear and anxiety in the saddle.

The Equestrian Confidence Cure: Practical Tips To Feel Safe In the Saddle (16 Min. 40 Sec.)


How to Grow Riding Confidence (29 Min. 58 Sec.)


The 5 Most Common Mental 'Mistakes' and Their Solutions (34 Min. 35 Sec.)


Get Better Results Through Confidence and Clarity (31 Min. 15 Sec.)


Build Confidence Series (45 Min. 58 Sec.)


Highlights of the Inspired Riding Virtual Clinic (33 Min. 55 Sec.)


Find Joy And Confidence In Riding (23 Min. 01 Sec.)


How Meditation Makes You A Better Rider (18 Min. 42 Sec.)


Learn a breathing technique that helps you stay calm and confident in the saddle (17 Min. 23 Sec.)


Intro to Emotional Intelligence for Equestrians Pt. 1 (20 Min. 38 Sec.)


A Simple but Profound Tool (49 Min. 44 Sec.)

Awareness, Communication, Presence (41 Min. 30 Sec.)

Intro to Emotional Intelligence for Equestrians Pt. 2 (20 Min. 33 Sec.)


A New Way of Being (42 Min. 05 Sec.)

Confidence More Than Thinking (29 Min. 49 Sec.)


Taking the Stress Out of Competing (28 Min. 23 Sec.)


Respect The Challenge (03 Min. 30 Sec.)


Sustain Excellence and Dedication (07 Min. 09 Sec.)



Let's Get Rid of Frustration (1 Hr. 05 Min. 39 Sec.)


Mind, Watch The Body Tool (24 Min. 58 Sec.)


Don´t Be Afraid to Make Wrong Choices! (42 Min. 50 Sec.)


Fearless Rider Formula-How to apply pressure the right way (36 Min. 37 Sec.)



How to communicate simply and clearly with your horse (18Min. 30 Sec.)


How to approach obstacles in a safe and effective way (20 Min. 12 Sec.)


To Load or Not To Load (16 Min. 51 Sec.)


If You Can Imagine It, You Can Create It (15 Min. 10 Sec.)


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Here Are Your Coaches...

Anne Krüger-Degener

Master of Animal Husbandry, HarmoniLogie®.

Barbra Schulte

High-Performance Coach, horse trainer, the author of four books

Beth Lauren Parrish

Certified Level 3 CHA Riding Instructor for both English and Western

Bruce Anderson

Founder, The evolution of Nature's View Equine Programs

Callie King

Callie King operates a boarding and training facility in Chester County, Pa where she works with horses and riders of all levels.

Carla Bauchmueller 

Certified meditation and yoga practitioner, leading and facilitating worldwide.  Founder, The Intuitive Rider. 

Elaine Sanders

Equine Relationship Coach, Stress Consultant, and born horse enthusiast.

Fenja Königsmann

Professional certifications in equine thermography, acupuncture and Raindrop-Massage

Jane Pike

Equestrian Mindset Coach

Jen Rohlen

Horse Trainer, dreamer of big dreams.

Jenny Wild & Peer Claßen 

Jenny and Peer have written four books on topics such as groundwork, riding and horse-personalities.

Karen Rohlf

Creator of Dressage Naturally

Kerri Lake

Founder of GoH (Generation Of Harmony)

Kim Hallin

Mentor and Guide, Author of Horse Wisdom

Liz Horner

British Horse Society accredited instructor, as well as a rider performance & confidence coach

Natasha Althoff

Australian Grand Prix Dressage rider, author, entrepreneur, and founder of leading online coaching and education platform, Your Riding Success.

Noah Tillman

Noah has been working with horses and their owners for over 15 years

Dr. Piper Klemm

Owner and publisher of The Plaid Horse

Scott Philips

Scott offers a unique understanding of relational horsemanship blended with a passion for the outdoors.

Stormy May

Founder of the Compassionate Communication with Horses Program

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