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Some of the BEST lessons are those in Theory!  

So you can fully understand the WHY and How behind what you are doing.
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Boundaries with heart (34 Min. 37 Sec.)


Securely attached horses- Building Calm Confident Trusting Horses (37 Min. 53 Sec.)


Foundation of Partnership (46 Min. 40 Sec.)


ABC Of Behaviors (56 Min. 21 Sec.)


The Spirit of the Young Horse (18 Min. 56 Sec.)


Natural Horse Behavior And Development (05 Min. 32 Sec.)


Sculpting Anatomy Live (13 Min. 35 Sec.)


Improving The Eye For Balance (20 Min. 03 Sec.)


The Equine Brain Under Stress (32 Min. 47 Sec.)


The Natural Laws Of Language (21 Min. 01 Sec.)

How to UP Your Game by Breaking Things Down (29 Min. 00 Sec.)


How To Help Your Horse Learn-Through Relaxation and Clarity (11 Min. 41 Sec.)


Anatomy, and Educating the Horse to the Bridle (20 Min. 35 Sec.)


How Horses Learn_ Recognizing the Smallest Changes (34 Min. 17 Sec.)


The Equine Hierarchy of Needs (17 Min. 14 Sec.)


Response vs. Reaction (42 Min. 33 Sec.)


Path Of The Horse - Documentary (1 Hr. 01 Min. 06 Sec.)


The Power of Observing & Listening (11 Min. 44 Sec.)

Watch... Observe... Transform... Connect... Two-way Communication That You Can Achieve. (24 Min. 08 Sec.)


Science of Connection (48 Min. 02 Sec.)


How to Develop the Deepest Connection (28 Min. 24 Sec.)


Building Connection Through Conflict Resolution (45 Min. 34 Sec.)


An Introduction to Equine Tapping with Champion (24 Min. 38 Sec.)


Horse Speak- Conversations With Horses (53 Min. 11 Sec.)


What does Your Horse Really Like (07 Min. 47 Sec.)


Horsenality (57 Min. 35 Sec.)


The Inspired Riding Way (23 Min. 51 Sec.)


Stewardship of The Sacred  Horse (22 Min. 53 Sec.)


Horse to Heart_ The Science and Spirituality of the Horse-Human Connection (26 Min. 12 Sec.)


Segment 1 Part A (20 Min. 28 Sec.)


Segment 1 Part B (26 Min. 07 Sec.)


Perception Is Reality (22 Min. 02 Sec.)


Segment 2_ Preparing The Rider (27 Min. 32 Sec.)


Understanding Your Horse's Body Language (26 Min. 45 Sec.)

Horse Perspective on Riding (59 Min. 41 Sec.)


A Ticket to Ride_ Giving your Horse Choice (16 Min. 59 Sec.)



 The Many Uses of Protected Contact (35Min. 40 Sec.)


Animal Communication (44 Min. 42 Sec.)


Spiritual Psychology & Horsemanship (46 Min. 38 Sec.)


What Horses Value (1 Hr. 57 Min. 56 Sec.)


Equine Energy Types(1 Hr. 31 Min. 54 Sec.)


Putting it All Together (1 Hr. 39 Min. 33 Sec.)


Buying Your Horse: "Moneyball: Making the Most of Buying and Selling Horses (26 Min. 46 Sec.)


Horse Sales: "Moneyball: Making the Most of Buying and Selling Horses - Part Two" Behavior (14 Min. 25 Sec.)

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Learn from these Awesome Horse Trainers...

Angelica Hesselius

Horse Trainer

Katie Boniface

Horse Instructor

Katrine Burr

Founder of Contemporary Art of Riding

Deanna Montero

Sculptor, and Equestrian

Callie King

Callie King operates a boarding and training facility in Chester County, Pa where she works with horses and riders of all levels.

West Taylor 

Horse Trainer

Elaine Sanders

Equine Relationship Coach, Stress Consultant, and born horse enthusiast.

Fenja Königsmann

Horse Trainer

David Lichman

A 5-Star Master Parelli Professional with a specialty in Liberty Horses, the creator of Liberty Outside the Round Pen, a Parelli Mastery Series release.

Jack Curtis

Jack Curtis combines the best of quality horsemanship, classical dressage, and centered riding principles, to advance horses and their partners to new heights. 

Jillian Kreinbring

Jillian has been working with horses her entire life. In her early years, she participated in horse competitions in the AQHA, APHA, and Open Stock Horse Association. Throughout these early years, she won numerous year-end, high-point awards and futurity classes.

Charlottte Cannon

Charlotte Cannon grew up in VA Horse Country riding, training and showing hunters, foxhunters and racehorses. An avid horse person from the youngest age, she was riding and starting ponies for others at the age of 10, and moved away from home at 15 to pursue her dreams of riding, showing and selling fancy hunters and jumpers, living with the family she worked for in Middleburg VA. 

Ben Longwelll

Ben grew up riding horses and working cattle on the Western Slope of Colorado. After finishing school, he spent much of his time doing day work for ranches & outfits in the area, learning from the skills and experience of the ranchers.

Ariana Sakaris

Ariana was awarded Reserve Champion with her mare “Mermaid” in the 2017 Midwest Horse Fair Star Search Competition, as well as with her mare “Wild Heart” in the 2017 Kentucky Extreme Mustang Makeover. She has given demonstrations at the National Mounted Police Colloquium and has been a clinician at the Midwest Horse Fair. She has also participated in performances alongside her mentors at events such as Breyerfest, the Denver Stock Show, and the U.S. Dressage Finals. 

Carolyn Fitzpatrick

Carolyn P Fitzpatrick lives in Amherst, VA. with her husband, horses and dogs. For more than 40 years, she has accumulated first-hand working experience with horses on a daily basis. She also has provided mediation services for more than 20 years for disputing parties on a weekly basis. 

Caroline Beste

Caroline Beste, of Tao of Horsemanship, is an internationally recognized rehabilitation specialist and holistic horse trainer. She is best known for her revolutionary style and intuitive approach to teaching people and training horses.  

Sharon Wilsie

Sharon Wilsie is the author of Horse Speak The Equine Human Translation Guide and Horses in Translation. Horse Speak® is an effective system for “listening” and “talking” to horses in their language instead of expecting them to understand ours. Sharon has enjoyed a professional career as a horse trainer/rehabilitation specialist, intercollegiate coach, and riding instructor.

Andrea Wady

Andrea has been on a journey with horses for the last 45 years. From a junior show jumper who wanted to win at all costs, to a lost and confused trainer driven by dominance and the need to succeed. 

Linda Parelli

Co-founder of Parelli Natural Horsemanship and creator of Pegasus Personal Growth, entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist.

Stormy May

Founder of the Compassionate Communication with Horses Program

Beth Lauren Parrish

Beth Lauren Parrish is a Certified Level 3 CHA Riding Instructor for both English and Western. She recently became a Level 1 Certified Equestrian Tai Chi Instructor as well.

Jill Hendershot Roth

Jill Hendershot Roth has been a student of the horse for over 25 years. Her greatest joy is to bring horses and their humans together. She focuses on the FUNdamentals of horsemanship through knowledge and reverence.  

Lorie Duff

Lorie Duff is an Internationally renowned Equestrian Clinician, a Foundation Horsemanship Trainer, Provincial Canadian Equine Judge, Equine Business Consultant & Motivational Speaker.

Saskia Gerritsen

My name is Saskia Gerritsen, I am a Riding Instructor and Horse Trainer based in Germany.

Rachel Bedingfield

Rachel Bedingfield, B.Sc. (Agric) Hons, MBA. 

Rachel is one of the foremost teachers of positive horse training in the world. She has been researching and teaching about equine wellbeing and training for 25 years. 

Fotini Chandrika

Fotini Chandrika has been fascinated by Horses as far back as she can remember! She has journeyed in and out of various barns for many years and has spent the past decade as the devoted Steward and Listener of four Horses, Spirit, Malachi, Penny and Isa. 

Kate Neligan

Kate Neligan is an Equine-Partnered Life/Business Coach, Healer, and Animal Communicator. 

Dr. Piper Klemm

The owner and publisher of The Plaid Horse

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