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Lessons On The Hoof

Gain a better understanding on the foundation of your horse.
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Lara Sportelli - Hoof Boot Fitting How To (25 Min. 52 Sec.)


Lara Sportelli - Pre Trim Assessment, and trim (24 Min. 24 Sec.)


Dennis Cappel - Balanced Shoeing with Dennis Cappel (40 Min. 16 Sec.)


Cheryl Henderson - ABC'S Of The Equine Hoof (47 Min. 56 Sec.)


Cheryl Henderson - Introduction to Equine Hoof Care (05 Min. 03 Sec.)


Cheryl Henderson - Lateral Cartilage (06 Min. 15 Sec.)

Cheryl Henderson - Hoof Locations  (05 Min. 45 Sec.)

Cheryl Henderson - Digital Cushion And The Frog (02 Min. 44 Sec.)

Cheryl Henderson - Introduction Part 2 - Cheryl's History (07 Min. 10 Sec.)

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Here Are Your Instructors

Cheryl Henderson

 My name is Cheryl Henderson. I have studied the hoof for eighteen years through cadaver research and professional trimming. Including I studied many of the popular hoof trimming practices, adopting methods that worked and abandoning those that did not. This prompted me to dispel the myths on the hoof or to prove them accurate The discoveries found I wish to share with everyone and hope you will join me on this journey.

Dennis Cappel

Dennis Cappel is an accomplished Trainer, Farrier, and Author with extensive experience in Extreme Mustang Makeovers. He was a 2017 EMM Top 10 Finisher in Fort Worth Texas, 2016 EMM Reserve Champion in Sedalia Missouri, and 2015 EMM Champion in St Louis. 

Lara Sportelli

Lara is a Vet Trained Hoof Care Specialist, based at B Rock Ranch, at the gateway to Dartmoor, Devon, where she runs Holistic Hoof Care Courses, guiding, supporting and helping people to maintain their horses hooves in between professional trims and offers a trimming and boot fitting service. 

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