Trisha Wren

My heart horse, Siouxie, made it clear to me early on that I was going to have to learn new ways of being, with her and myself, for us to proceed together.  Both of us knew what we didn't want, and over the following 25 years I learned skills that were acceptable to her, and took me to places I'd only dreamed of.  

From understanding things from her point of view, to horse and rider biomechanics, bodywork, then energy work, every new level of insight deepened my ability to tune in to what horses really want us to know.

Learning how to communicate with horses on an energetic level has been a revelation, as well as an exercise in trust and acceptance.  Being able to help horses mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically via Animal Communication is my dream 'job', and I'm forever amazed and gratified that this is how I get to spend my days!"

Trisha Wren

Trisha’s 2024 Presentations

Energy of Words -

How the Energy of our words affects our horses. The words you use create a picture, a feeling, and an energy, all of which can transmit to your horse - but is he getting the message you want him to get? Find out how the words you use are affecting him.

How energy healing can help your horse - 

How Energy Healing can help your horse. Find out how balancing your horse's energy field, chakras, and meridians can improve their health, behaviour, performance, and happiness.

The Energetic After Effects of Weaning -

The Energetic After Effects of Weaning on horses. Have you ever wondered if your horse's behaviour is linked to the way that he was weaned? Find out how many horses are affected by weaning trauma, how that affects them, and what we can do about it from an energetic point of view.