Stormy May

Stormy is the Founder of the Compassionate Communication with Horses Program, developed out of her years of studying horses, humans, and our relationship with the natural world with numerous internationally renowned teachers. In 2006, she followed her dream to search for the deepest ways to connect harmoniously with those she loved, resulting in the highly acclaimed documentary, The Path of the Horse. She’s established a global following of her peaceful teachings, which include Peace Literacy and Mindfulness skills.

Stormy May

Stormy’s 2024 Presentations

Destigmatizing the Non-Ridden Equine -

To destigmatize the non-ridden equine, we must question the pervasive mindset that horses' value lies primarily in their utility to humans. Society often views horses not used for riding, racing, or other human purposes as wasted. However, we can highlight several key advantages to gain wider acceptance of horses living autonomous, non-utilitarian lives according to their natural preferences.

14 Aspects of Autonomous Horsemanship -

An autonomous approach benefits horses through reduced stress, greater freedom, and the ability to self-govern their lives according to choice and instinct. Humans also gain much through the humility, patience, and wisdom this practice demands. Our connections become richer, safer and more compassionate. Autonomous Horsemanship provides a pathway to reforming equine welfare in ways that allow horses and humans to thrive together in greater harmony. Stormy talks about 14 aspects we need to consider when practicing Autonomous Horsemanship while showing what the results look like in the pasture.