Sam Van Fleet

Sam VanFleet is a young horse trainer who works with a variety of breeds at Prosperity Farm in Williston Florida. She is a consistent Top 10 Extreme Mustang Makeover competitor with 10+ challenges under her belt, as well as a traveling clinician primarily focused on liberty and trick training. She specializes in young horses, colt starting, mustangs, groundwork, liberty, tricks, and dressage. Samā€™s work features strengthening the connection and understanding with your horse, starting with groundwork and always emphasizes patience. Reading the horse and adjusting energy has been her true 'method' of communication with horses. She focuses on the horse wanting to be a willing partner and building a solid foundation of trust. Her techniques are featured in the many videos she has produced for YouTube and virtual coaching series.

For more information on Sam, check out her YouTube, see her Facebook page ā€œSam VanFleetā€™s Mustangsā€, visit the website, or follow her instagram @vanfleetmustangsĀ 

Sam Van Fleet

Sam'sĀ 2024 Presentations

Intro to Liberty - Understanding your Horses Body Language on the Line -

If you have ever wanted to know how to begin liberty with your horse, these are the building block basics to get you started! Communication is clarified when we are actually listening to our horses and acknowledging that we hear them. In this video you'll see all the exercises I use when I start working with any horse.

Gentling a Mustang - The first two days with a Wild Mustang (Moscato) -Ā 

Every mustang adjusts differently to domestic life, this specific mustang was a little bit of an avoider, reactor, and freezer. In just two days, watch her eyes soften and her begin to trust the connection. Moscato was used for the 2023 Magic competition with these videos taking place in September 2022. All mustangs don't have one set method, but you can see a few of the tools I use to communicate with all mustangs.