Nancy Heiber

Always driven by a profound desire to explore and comprehend the depths of life, Nancy has dedicated herself to the art of horse training since 1999. Her focus lies on creating a deeper connection and relationship between horses and their human partners.

She teaches her clients how to enable their horses mentally and physically to perform all desired tasks with motivation and in a healthy manner.

Growing together depends essentially on the way we meet our horses on a daily basis and equally on the way we meet ourselves! If we manage to be conscious and mindful in the present moment we are able to connect with our horse on a deeper level. Understanding our horses and their needs more holistically helps us to cultivate compassion and improve our mutual understanding.

Teaching advanced knowledge of the basic correlations between the science of movement, behavioral research and neuroscience are a major part of Nancy’s work. Additionally, she has developed a self-study online course on Equine Bodywork, a topic that holds a special place in her heart. This course empowers horse enthusiasts to explore equine bodywork themselves.

Nancy teaches clinics in three languages – English, French, German – and provides guidance and support to riders and horse owners of all disciplines and levels. 

Nancy Heiber

Nancy's 2024 Presentations

"Get in Touch! …through Equine Bodywork“ - 
Experience a deeper connection with your horse through TOUCH!
The huge impact that Equine Bodywork can have on your horse’s well-being and fitness is still quite underestimated. This video invites you down this rabbit hole and one exercise will be presented to you which you can immediately apply with your horse.

6 Key Takeaways …for Horse Lovers“ -
Because of our love for horses, we all want to be better horsemen (and women). No matter how good or bad our skills and techniques are, the fairness, the joy and success of our time with our horses depends mainly on our mindset. Here are 6 key takeaways for horse lovers – independent of their level, age or discipline.

Tune in! …with your horse -
When we are with our horses they deserve our conscious attention. Horses are always in the here and now – for us humans it is sometimes challenging to fully BE in the present moment. A deeper connection is based on awareness. Here are three easy rituals to tune in with your horse.