Marianne Florman

By following her heart and the childhood dream, this woman leaped from being a national hero in Denmark, known for her cool tasks in sports, to be known for her softness, equality and understanding the wisper of the horse, and also for her skills to recognize the subtle and yet precise guidings the horses can provide to human growth.

Bringing an Olympic Gold Medal to Denmark from Atlanta 1996 in Team Handball demanded strongly fysically and mentally strength, but today she knows that aiming only for the goal with horses doesn’t make a deep and understanding partnership. It provides patience, lovingly power and the capacity of listening and feel into the horse.

2017 Mayanne wrote a book together with one of her students. “Pathway to the heart of the horse – and your own”. The book is describing how she together with horses, have found a way to meet herself, use intuition, listen, feel and last – but not least – to find inner strength, develop personal leadership and the ability to cooperate equaly with both horses and humans.
Mayanne is flamed to inspire people to gain authenticity, presence and lovingly power in daily life, not only with horses, but for people also to be able to integrate it at work, with family and friends and other parts of life as well.

Creator True Lead Academy, a comprehensive horse and human training program, Mayanne has worked with and guided thousands of horses and humans to a deeper contact and connection.

True Lead Academy includes, live demoes, lectures, physical and online courses, mentoring and therapy with the horse as the Guide. It is a broad spectrum, however with the same focus on the in-depth, respectful and lovingly powerful and equal approach.

Marianne Florman

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