Lucie Klaassen

When you see a human interact with a horse, it is very obvious to recognize a horse that trusts its human and enjoys being, playing and working together with joy and mutual respect as opposed to a horse that obeys out of fear. 

Creating a deep bond of trust, communication and connection may sound almost magical, but it is possible for everyone. To find true connection with your horse, you first have to be connected to your self, so it starts with YOU! Through conscious breathing and listening to the wisdom of your body you can open your heart and create a vibration of coherence so you become the human your horse wants to be with.

It is my vision is to create a safe space where you can reconnect to your heart and body and learn to become more grounded and present because that is the space where you can truly meet your horse. Bring connection, joy and playfulness back into the relationship with your horse!

From that place, you can train your horse to become stronger, more flexible, balanced and collected without compromising the relationship. You will find confidence, joy and ease in any horse activity and training because you will know how to train your horse from a place of deep trust, true connection and honest communication.

I have been fortunate to travel the world and teach clinics in 14 different countries. After teaching hundreds of students around the world I have learned how to encourage people to make true transformational changes in their lives with simple techniques. 

With my online courses, it’s now easier than ever to learn from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are in the world, in your own time. People from all over the world have joined my courses. We’ve had horses from all breeds and sizes, so I know that every horse can do this.

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Lucie Klaassen

Lucie’s 2024 Presentations

Spinal Alignment - 

The importance of free movement in the spine!

I’m very passionate about the alignment of the spine! For me it has has 3 main functions: 

  • Flow of energy from hind to front, over the back, through the spinal column 
  • Freedom of movement, telescoping, creating space for flow and movement 
  • Exchange of information, the feedback loop from brain to body through the spinal cord
    that runs through the centre of the vertebrae.

That’s why I believe in true bending through the whole spine. The neck (very flexible) should not be bent more than the ribcage (least flexible). In order to create flexibility in the ribcage I use a combination of training (circle, lateral work) and body work (lateral rocking).

Natural Asymmetry -

Recognize where your horse is not balanced

Every horse is ‘crooked’. That’s no problem when they are out in the field. However, when we want to RIDE them, it is our responsibility to help them get balanced so that they can carry themselves and us in a healthy way!

Train your eye and recognize the natural asymmetries of your horse! 

If you want to find out if your horse is balanced, then you can download the free checklist ‘How Balanced is your Horse?’

Overcome fear and trauma at liberty -

How to help your horse to find trust and confidence at liberty

This video will cover the following subjects:
- How to overcome fear for the whip

- Giving the horse to OPTION TO SAY NO!
- Self-regulation (grounding, breathing etc) so my horse can relax
- How I deal with treats at liberty

This is NOT a training on how to start with liberty. This is how I use liberty with a horse with a traumatic history regain trust and confidence, because he is allowed to walk away. 

Note: This video is part of my new Wired 4 Connection online course, applying the Polyvagal Theory to my horse training. It gives a unique view of how I helped my horse overcome trauma and regain trust. The course includes the Polyvagal Principles applied to horse training, self-regulation and co-regulation exercises.

Is your horse ready for a relaxed ride? -

How to ride based on your breathing, energy and seat

Nothing is more exciting than the feeling of being ONE with your horse when you ride. I often see people who feel fear when they want to ride their horse. I believe it is possible it is possible to prepare yourself and your horse for a relaxed ride!

This video will cover the following subjects:

- Check in with yourself before your ride so you both are relaxed
- Is your horse ready to move?
- What if your horse spooks?
- Beding and changing directions from your seat
- Explaining the 3-dimensional hip movement