Lucia Pérez 

My name is Lucía Pérez Manrique. I'm a Mexican horse vet specialized in clinical behavior and welfare. I've been into horses since I can remember. Professionally I have some scientific publications on horse behavior and welfare. I've been teaching at the Vet School in the UNAM for 16 years now.

My goal is to produce and share scientific information with trainers and "non-scientific" horse people in order to improve our training programs, facilities, handling, performance, and therefore their physical and mental health. I also work in my small animals behavior clinic.

Lucia Pérez 

Lucia’s 2024 Presentations

Groundwork in circles - 

In this video you will find some tips to work in circles from the ground keeping and improving your horse's balance and soft tissue health.

How can you improve your horse's welfare by making him think - 

In this video you will find an overview on scientific research results about the relation between cognition, problem solving, learning, social and environmental enrichment on horse's welfare; it's impact on handling and performance, and of course, funny ideas you can try during training.