Krystal Kelly

Coach Krystal Kelly left the USA in 2010 at age 21 to pursue her own career goals of becoming an international show jumper and high-level coach. Since then she has worked in over 20+ countries with Grand Prix Show Jumpers and has coached ten's of thousands of amateur equestrians in a variety of disciplines. Coach Krystal is currently the ONLY FEI II coach from the USA. She currently lives in Spain at her private show jumping stable where she spends her time training for the competitions on the European circuit, coaching her clients virtually through one of her many online coaching programs such as her "Riding Masters Academy," "Sticky Butt Bootcamp™", and "VIP Inner Circle." She's regularly filming various riding videos of her training her horses for her clients as well as recording guided audio lessons for the members in her Horse Riding Lessons App.

She is passionate about raising the standards of the equestrian education system and has implemented the first and only rider training curriculum complete with workbooks and a full training plan that is proven to systematically develop amateurs into riders that can achieve their biggest riding goals. She believes heavily in having big riding goals and achieving them by having a plan backed by biomechanics and proven systems with consistent and predictable results. Join her free facebook group or submit your application and riding video on her website in order to see if you are a good fit to train with her.

Krystal Kelly

Krystal's 2024 Presentations

How to improve your horse's jumping technique - 

In this class you will learn how to train your horse's to be independent over a course and series of jumps. It's important to train your horse to be able to see strides and distances and we cover a lot of personal stories and tips.

Priorities and Goal Setting & How to Compete Internationally -

You can't achieve your riding goals if you don't know how to implement a plan to figure out your key milestones and priorities. In this class we cover how to break down your goals and build a training plan for the year.

Cavaletti Exercises for All Disciplines - 

In this class you will discover several key cavaletti exercises as well as how to train a young or inexperienced horse how to ride the exercises successfully.