Katrin Silva

Katrin Silva grew up in Germany, where she learned to ride dressage. At age 19, she moved to the Southwestern US and apprenticed with a couple of western trainers before starting her own business. Today, Katrin feels equally at home in both types of saddle. Though her training is dressage-based, she focuses on finding common ground between different riding traditions. She has won her fair share of blue ribbons at the regional and national level, but her true passion is creating better partnerships between horses and riders. 

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Katrin has spent the last thirty years working with horses and riders from all walks of life. She has earned her USDF bronze medal on an off-the-track Quarter Horse, holds MA degrees in German and English literature, and runs ultramarathons in her spare time. Her new book “Dressage for the Rest of Us” explains the benefits of dressage for all types of horses and riders.

Katrin Silva

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