Karen Jones

Karen Jones, Creator of Motivational Horsemanship

Karen is a Mentor, Coach and Instructor who specializes in helping humans understand and enjoy training their own horses. Karen uses science and evidence based horsemanship to resolve horse behavior problems. A holistic approach to the horse's care, management, welfare and training is an integral part of Karen's program.

Member of IAABC

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

From Karen:  I mentor horse owners to build their foundational skills and learn to communicate with their equine partners, creating safe and strong horse-human relationships.

Improving the communication and relationship between horses and their humans is my passion. Quite often, I hear the phrase, “My horse is great except _____________’.

I dove deep into learning and understanding the sciences behind WHY my horses were showing bad and sometimes dangerous behaviors. This education allowed me to change my mindset around how I could and should train to change behaviors.  

This greatly influences how I teach and train. Ever shifting theories and techniques allow me to train for optimal learning for horse and human."

Karen Jones

Karen’s 2024 Presentations

Who Is Karen Jones and Motivational Horsemanship? -

In this 4 minute introduction, Karen talks about how the creation of Motivational Horsemanship shaped her philosophy, story, methodology and journey on her path of teaching horses and their humans

A 'Leadership Leading' Lesson in a Halter and 12' Rope -

Your educational foundation needs to be strong to build your connection and communication with your horse.
Starting in a web or rope halter with a 12' lead rope, watch Rhett learn to feel and see Karen's intention, energy, picture, body language, visual and tactile cues as they learn to 'go somewhere together' in shared space and bubbles

Following a Mental Forward Thought from the Cavesson -

 It's even more important you have a soft, responsive 'guidance' feel suggestions on the halter with a lead rope before you
begin experimenting in the cavesson. I use a softly padded, well-fitted cavesson with a lighter weight 22' lead rope

Leadership Leading in a Neck Rope -

The neck rope gives me a chance to test our foundational leadership leading that was learned in
the halter and the cavesson.

GuidDance' Feel Invitations Connection in Leadership Leading - 

This is an unedited 10 minute session of Rhett and I from Aug 2019 showing the good, the bad, and the ugly of how we flow
between the ground elements of liberty, long-lining, and in-hand work to share fun and possibly prepare for riding.