Daniela Kämmerer

Daniela Kämmerer is devoted to fostering connections and exploring the unique relationship between humans and horses. For over 20 years she has been assisting riders in achieving harmony with their horses. Initially working as a horse trainer and horsemanship instructor, Daniela later expanded her approach to include animal communication, yoga, and coaching for emotional release, mindset and life design. Today, her main focus is to truly understand not only the perspective of our horses but also our own. She aims to establish harmony within our own bodies and minds as a foundation for finding it with the animals, ultimately allowing both partners to grow and flourish through the horse-human relationship.

Daniela provides both individual and group coaching sessions online and in person, and she is the founder of the Body, Mind & Horses Yoga Club, the first online yoga studio and community specifically designed for riders. Use the code "artofthehorseman24" to receive a complimentary month of yoga practice in the Yoga Club (expires Dec 31, 2024).

Daniela Kämmerer

Daniela's 2024 Presentations

Yoga for the Rider’s Stability and Mobility -

Description: A yoga class that will help you be stable in the saddle while following the horse’s movements smoothly. We’ll be staying close to the ground, working with the hips and the core from different angles. The smooth, centered and stable feeling we create will be supportive in the saddle and beyond. It’s a simple class that can be done even without any prior yoga experience.

Stop & Flow – Yoga & Breath Work for Presence and Connection -

Description: A yoga class that will help your horse connect to you by working with the body and the breath. It slows you down and helps you become more present while creating stability and mobility in the body. The class will leave you feeling more present and calm.
For this class it's helpful if you know some of the basic yoga posture terminology but if you workout fairly regularly you should be able to follow without any yoga experience per se.