Celina Skogan

I am Celina, and horses are not just my passion, they are my world. Looking back, I wish I had known 10 years ago what I know today. I could have saved my horses so much suffering. Light as a feather communication that feels like minds connecting, that’s what I want for my students. Born in Germany and at home in Europe, I now live with my family near Tromsø, behind the Arctic Circle. The wild vastness, the beauty of nature and the intense spectacle of the seasons fascinate me every day all over again.


I have over 20 years of experience in academic art of riding and am a passionate full-time rider. Through extensiv scienced- based training in Osteopathy, Cranio and Equine Nutrition, but also through my daily practice in being mindful with horses, I found out how much myth there still is in the horseworld. Changing that became my calling. Today, I build bridges between horse and humans and have created my company Equidemia. A play on words from Equine and Academy, with the aim of making knowledge easy accessible to horse people worldwide. My deepest wish is to accompany horse owners into their power and independence, and to see happy, healthy horses in all disciplines. I offer a subscription program, online courses and 1:1 coaching. Let’s change the horse world together.


Celina Skogan

Celina’s 2024 Presentations

Lunge Work Introduction - 

Lunge Work 2 Bending -

Lunge Work 3 Leading Positions / Preparations -

Lunge Work 4 - Leading -

Lunge Work 5 - Bending on the longe -

Lunge Work 6 - Walk / Trot -

Lunge Work 7 - Canter -