Cathrine Fodstad

Learn from Cathrine Fodstad, certified Trainer from Holar University College and Instructor from Norwegian Equine Center. 

After completing Mongol Derby (world's longest and toughest horse race), she discovered a method that consistently allowed her to connect with horses, solve problems and easily train them at liberty. Now you can do the same!

Cathrine Fodstad

Cathrine's 2024 Presentations

Grazing exercise Parts 1-2 -

Become more interesting than grass so that you can lead and ride through fields on loose reins (and even at liberty) without your horse snatching for grass

Solve separation anxiety Parts 1-4

Help your horse find confidence, so that you can enjoy trail rides, clinics and shows with a horse who is calm and connected

Connection exercise Parts 1-4 - 

Connect with horses (even the ones others have given up un), in a peaceful way that makes horses trust you and follow at liberty without using pressure or treats