Trisha Wren

My heart horse, Siouxie, made it clear to me early on that I was going to have to learn new ways of being, with her and myself, for us to proceed together.  Both of us knew what we didn't want, and over the following 25 years I learned skills that were acceptable to her, and took me to places I'd only dreamed of.  

From understanding things from her point of view, to horse and rider biomechanics, bodywork, then energy work, every new level of insight deepened my ability to tune in to what horses really want us to know.

Learning how to communicate with horses on an energetic level has been a revelation, as well as an exercise in trust and acceptance.  Being able to help horses mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically via Animal Communication is my dream 'job', and I'm forever amazed and gratified that this is how I get to spend my days!"

Trisha Wren

Trisha’s 2023 Presentations

Using Animal Communication to help your horse -
Animal Communication can be a really valuable addition to your toolkit, to give you current information about your horse's health, happiness, behavior and more.  Find out why, and get my top tips to get started on your own Animal Communication journey.

Using Energy to help your horse -
Everything is made of energy, and how we use it can have a huge impact on our horses.  Learn 9 simple ways that you can positively harness your energy to benefit your horse and your relationship.

Meditate With Your Horse! -

Meditate with your horse If you've always wanted to meditate but feel like you're no good at it, this is for you. Find out how easy it can be, why it's great to do, and how it can help both you and your horse! Includes a Guided Meditation, with your horse.