Stormy May

Stormy is the Founder of the Compassionate Communication with Horses Program, developed out of her years of studying horses, humans, and our relationship with the natural world with numerous internationally renowned teachers. In 2006, she followed her dream to search for the deepest ways to connect harmoniously with those she loved, resulting in the highly acclaimed documentary, The Path of the Horse. She’s established a global following of her peaceful teachings, which include Peace Literacy and Mindfulness skills.

Stormy May

Stormy’s 2023 Presentations

Preparing to Grow with Horses - 

 We want our relationships with horses to be deep, meaningful, and profound. These types of experiences become much more frequent with some simple preparation. Horses challenge us to grow in ways that help us get beyond our chattering minds and into our authentic selves. We can find ways to work and play together that are engaging, fun, and healthy for all of us. How do we do this without force or bribery? Use the exercises presented here to practice quieting your mind and relaxing your body to get into a space where we are ready to learn and grow with horses.

Leaving our Troubles at the Gate -

How do we step out of our stories and leave our troubles behind when we come to our horses? Learn how to get beyond our habitual thoughts and busy mind and into the peace and presence that is all around us. This is where horses are always communicating with us. Follow along with the exercises presented to get into a relaxed, inspired, creative space with your horse.