Michelle Young

Michelle Young and her coaching program helps students feel empowered and love working with their horses. She teaches students to create a strong foundation, a close connection, and healthy biomechanics. Her approach to training is to develop the entire horse and student with the foundation of quality horsemanship and the principles of Dressage Naturally.

Michelle is a Licensed Dressage Naturally Instructor. Dressage Naturally provides a non-judgmental environment where students and horses can enjoy the process of learning.

Michelle Young

Michelle’s 2023 Presentations

Getting Easier Free Forward Energy Under Saddle - 

Michelle shares an exercise to help improve your horse's energy response and create better free forward movement without having to push with your legs or use more aids. She is riding Duende, a 6 year old Lusitano/Mustang cross gelding. In this session, she uses 4 barrels as markers for a point to point exercise. This exercise also helps your horse travel better on straight lines, focus where you are going, and generally get unstuck.


Improving Conversations About Energy and Relaxation On Line - 

Michelle works with Duende, a 6 year old Lusitano/Mustang gelding, to tune up his responsiveness and engage his brain to create more harmony. She plays with finding 100% energy response and then finding 100% return to relaxation. This is a very powerful and important exercise with many benefits. It is especially good for horses who either have trouble offering and sustaining energy on circles (you feel like you always need to push them) or, who get really tense and excited when their energy goes up and have trouble relaxing again (you feel like you have to be careful not to go to quickly). This video is a must watch for everyone!