Gloria Hester

Gloria Hester is a Somatic coach and Educator for humans and other vertebrate species. She is the founder of SEVA™ (Somatic Education for Vertabrate Animals) and Yogic Wisdom for Horse and Human, an educational program that includes somatic healing retreats and workshops with horse and human participants. Gloria is a Certified Yoga Therapist, C-IAYT and Certified Hanna Somatic Educator for humans and equines, and runs a private practice as a Somatic coach and Educator for humans, horses, canines, and other animals.

As a Body Ecologist certified by Donna Gates, Gloria infuses retreats, workshops and trainings with lectures on the subject of nutrition, food-based healing, and how food affects the nervous system. She reflects the new edge of integrating principles of trans-species psychology with innovative and traditional approaches to healing non-human animals. Critically, she engages psyche (mind) and soma (body), which in contrast to conventional behavioral training, gives animals voice and respect in support of their well-being and self-determination.

Gloria Hester

Gloria’s 2023 Presentations


Somatic Wisdom for You & Your Horse Introduction Part 1  -

An introductory Movement practice for relaxed shoulders, neck, and hands.Inner Awareness for Riders.How to move easily and freely with your horse.An introduction to the theme of “Bounce” and youthfulness.Finding Softness through Inner Awareness.Movement practices for suppleness in the centre of your body, and an Upper Body Release for Riders.

Somatic Wisdom for You & Your Horse Part 2 

”Go With Your Horse” Principle: So that your horse gets the best results.An introduction to principles of working with your horse with pickups.Practice in your own body before working with your horse.Parasympathetic: “Rest and Digest”. SEVA Somatic Education for Pelvic Femoral Relationship in Walking and Riding.Re-establishing functional movement and mobility.Keeping your mobility.

Somatic Wisdom for You & Your Horse Part 3

Meet Chutzpah.Where we’ll cover “Bounce Back” and Straight pickups.What I want Chutzpah to notice and why.Things you can look for in your horse (their language/feedback).Learning about “Tendencies” in your horse.