Christina Stinchcomb

Christina Stinchcomb is the founder and creator of Riding With The Chakras. She lives in Chestertown, Maryland where she owns and operates a small horse farm called Airy Hill Stables. 

As someone who has always loved horses, healing, and personal growth, Christina sought out pioneering mentors like Anna Twinney from Reach Out To Horses, and Melisa Pearce from Touched By A Horse. She became a certified Equine Gestalt Coach in 2014, a certified ROTH Trainer in 2015, and a certified Equestrian Tai Chi Level 1 Instructor in 2019. 

Christina believes that “What we can learn from horses is infinitely more valuable than what we can teach them.” Her passion has become sharing the exploration of what horses can teach us not only as riders and horse enthusiasts, but as anyone on a seekers journey. Through her coaching and unique teaching style, her aim is to help horses help people become their best selves, and at the same time, better horsemen and women. 

Christina is honored to be a part of the expanding movement to bring greater awareness and an elevated level of consciousness to the horse world and the world at large. Riding With The Chakras provides powerful tools and insights for us to cultivate our personal empowerment through self-knowledge, discovery, and practical skills. Exploring the system of the chakras provides a pathway for us to cultivate deeper connections within ourselves. As we navigate this intimate landscape, we enhance our abilities physically, mentally and spiritually. We become more grounded, centered and aligned. From this place, our horsemanship, our riding, and the relationships around us find a new sense of calm and clarity delighting us in many ways.

Christina graduated from Cornell University in 1990 with a BA in Cultural Anthropology. She has always loved immersive foreign travel and learning about different cultures and lifestyles. The most intriguing part has always been unearthing our similarities and the ways in which we are all connected. Her pursuits include being a lifelong entrepreneur, student of Martial Arts, Feng Shui, a Master Dowser, Reiki Master, a previously certified Body Talk Practitioner for people and animals, an explorer of shamanic journeys, direct revelation and universal truths.

Christina Stinchcomb

Christina’s 2023 Presentations

Introduction To Riding With The Chakras ~ With Bonus Meditation”

Many of us have been told that in order to cultivate a stronger connection with our horses, both on the ground and in the saddle, it is first necessary to be connected within ourselves.

The question is, what does that really mean, and how do we do that??

Riding With The Chakras gives riders and non-riders alike tools to cultivate a deeper sense of being grounded, centered and aligned. From this place we can develop a stronger body-mind-spirit connection which our horses naturally resonate with. Your horsemanship and your riding will shift to a whole new level.

Chakras & Our Personal Development

From birth through early adulthood, our chakras develop along with our physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth. When we embrace them as part of our very nature, they illuminate a pathway offering insights and wisdom as we engage with our horses and the world around us. Just as knowledge is power, personal knowledge is empowerment.” When we are truly empowered, connected and attuned within ourselves, we have far greater potential to create with ease and grace.