Chris Lombard

Chris Lombard works with people and their horses to help them connect with each other. Through his one-on-one work and his clinics he works with many different people and horses across America. There is joy, challenge, and much opportunity for growth when learning alongside a horse, and Chris’s goal is to help people get a feel for their own path in that journey. He has also written two books: Land of the Horses, which chronicles his two year journey traveling the American West while discovering his connection to horses, and The Horses In Our Stars, which looks at our journey within and the love and fear we experience on that journey both in life and with horses.

He lives in Maine and you can learn more about him at 

Chris Lombard

Chris’s 2023 Presentations

The Beginning With The Horse: Finding The Connection - Chris works with a young horse he has never met, and together they work on finding the beginnings of connection in mind, body, and soul.

Love And Fear And Horses: The Power Of Choice - While doing a demonstration with his horse Rocky, Chris mistakenly doesn't listen to Rocky as best as he could. Chris then has to let go of his plan, focus on the moment, and reconnect with Rocky.

Peace Within - How meditation can help us to find a calm, quiet, and balanced state of being that can lead the way in our interactions with horses.