Chris Ellsworth

I can’t think of a greater privilege than getting to help horses and people better understand each other. Sharing the search for our better selves, with horses and with humans, is what I get to do for a living. And while I’ve done many different things in the equine world besides my 36 years on Wyoming ranches—colt starting, training, and working with troubled horses from pretty much every discipline on the continent—all of these experiences are what led me to my absolute passion, teaching horsemanship. Now I’m on the best journey I could ever imagine. 

Along the way I’ve learned that if you really want to be a good teacher you must be a sincerely dedicated student so I still study horses and horsemanship every chance I get. I don’t ascribe to one particular discipline, rather I try to soak up learning from anyone or any horse who is willing to share. Shared knowledge is good knowledge and all of us gain when one of us learns. It’s what I love about formats like Art of the Horseman.

These days I’m based in Northern California, completely immersed in all things horse. I travel around and put on clinics and teach hundreds of lessons every year. I get to meet and work with people who share the same passion for horses that I have: great owners, trainers and riders, and people who just want to connect with these magical creatures. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness the healing power of horses while working with veterans, disadvantaged kids, and people with cancer. 

Chris Ellsworth

Chris’s 2023 Presentations

Not Your Father's Round Pen -

Description: Besides the more common method of round penning (with refinement), this video shares some alternative methods that really get into harmonious and artful horsemanship. I think folks who are trying to truly connect with their horses will find this perspective interesting.

Getting In Step - This is a video that provides folks with lots of tips and insights to achieve good timing in their riding, but also why timing is so critically important in the art of horsemanship.