Bruce Anderson

Bruce Anderson grew up on the West Indian islands of Trinidad and Tobago and it was there on the family cocoa and coffee estate that he began his relationship with horses. He learned to ride on the estate and then represented his country on the National Show Jumping Team. From there he moved on to breeding farms at home, in the U.K. and in the U.S. While in England, he earned an agricultural degree and in the U.S. worked with racehorses in Florida. He eventually moved into the hunter/jumper show circuit. Bruce and his partner, Julianne Neal, currently make their home in Camden, South Carolina, where Bruce started his present path, the evolution of Nature's View Equine Programs. They work in Camden, and around the southeastern U.S., with counselors and mental health professionals, law enforcement agencies, school and church groups. Bruce also enjoys working with horse owners and their horses to assist them in building better relationships. Bruce's work is the subject of an award-winning documentary produced by The Art of Storytelling entitled "The Edge: Bruce Anderson - Natural Humanship." The documentary was presented the award for Best Environmental Film by the EQUUS Film and Arts Fest, as well as the Prix d"Argent from the Deauville Green Awards in 2017.

Excerpt from The Coaching Digest, the Creative Spirits Unleashed Blog by Lynn Carnes: "Big changes often come from small moments, like the one I describe here. Ultimately, there would be many more visits to Bruce’s place after this day. However, it would take me a LONG time to understand his idea of “thinking in pictures.” Temple Grandin wrote a book called Thinking in Pictures, And Other Reports from My Life with Autism. In the book, she described how she thinks from an animal perspective. She thinks in pictures. On that day several years ago, Bruce was introducing me to one of the greatest tools I would come to know, which is to visualize a picture in my mind of what I want to create. Following that, he had me break the picture into smaller and smaller frames. Even the biggest, most imposing idea becomes much simpler when it’s broken down into its pieces. It’s a difficult idea for someone like me to adopt. Yet when I remember to picture what I want to create, it’s almost magical.

Bruce Anderson

Bruce's 2023 Presentations

A Young Horse Introduction to Natural HumanshipTM Part 1 - 

In this series, Bruce Anderson works with a young horse during a 30 day training period. From mental tools such as timing, feel and problem-solving, to raising his pressure threshold, the training will help trainers and owners build a sold foundation leading to future success. In Part 1 of the series, Bruce describes some of the methods that he’ll be using to start the process.

A Young Horse Introduction to Natural HumanshipTM Part 2 - 

In Part 2 of this series, Bruce heads out of the stall toward the workplace, the round pen. There are a variety of stopping points along the way to reinforce the AlphA (How can I help you?) Mindset. In the Natural HumanshipTM training program, we are teaching the difference between AlphA and TyranT Mindset in order to bring the horse into “People’s World” and have a greater chance of success acclimating into doing the tasks that we would ask of him.

A Young Horse Introduction to Natural HumanshipTM Part 3 - 

In Part 3 of this series, the owner/trainer comes to work with Bruce on the transition back home. As she learns what Bruce has been doing during the training period, she is able to mount bareback for the first time.

Natural HumanshipTM Round Pen No Magic -

In this video, a local Thoroughbred trainer has purchased a horse from a sale barn as a rescue and comes to Bruce Anderson for help building a solid foundation. As “Buddy” goes through the initial round pen work, he is able to build his pressure threshold through work on the mental tools of timing, problem-solving, etc. Buddy increases his muscle memory toward a mindset we call AlphA. Finally Allison is able to take him out to ride with the local hunt and Buddy handles the pressure.