Bethany Tuskey

Bethany has dedicated her life to learning the art of horsemanship from master horse trainers. She has studied classical dressage, liberty work, dressage in hand, and long reining. Bethany has taken what she has learned from other trainers, as well the horses, and combined in with her spiritual beliefs to create a unique style of training based on love for the horse and the desire to help her horses to be happy and healthy in mind, body, and spirit. 

Bethany prioritizes the mental health and wellbeing of the horse. The horse is treated as a partner and our relationship with the horses always takes priority over anything we may want to achieve with them. Through relationships built on mutual trust and understanding, Bethany and her students are able to train their horses to the highest levels of dressage or at complete freedom in liberty work without the use of force. 

Bethany offers in person learning opportunities, including lessonstrainingclinics, and demonstrations, as well as an active online community to help share her knowledge and show people how classical training can take their horsemanship to a whole new level.

Bethany also enjoys performing with her Andalusians at various shows and exhibitions, and is the author of the book, God’s Heart through a Horse’s Eyes.

Bethany Tuskey

Bethany’s 2023 Presentations

Releasing Tension through In Hand Work

Tension (or stiffness, bracing, resistance) can develop in your horse for a variety of reasons- improper posture, a sedentary lifestyle, an old injury, fear, confusion, and more. Tension will block the flow of energy through your horse's body much like a kink will block the floor of water through a hose. Tension will make it harder for your horse to move in an athletic and healthy way. Therefore, before we try to develop our horse physically, it's best to discover and work through those areas of tension. Once tension is released, everything else will be easier.

Following a Soft Feel

When I work with my horses, one of the first things I want to teach them is how to follow a soft feel. This allows me to communicate in a subtle, yet highly effective way. Whether you are working in hand with a halter, cavesson, or bridle, or you are working under saddle, it is important that your horse understands how to follow a feel with softness and relaxation, rather than bracing against the contact or resisting the connection.

Getting Started with Liberty Work

Establishing the connection between you and your horse is the first step to being able to communicate with and direct your horse without a physical connection to him.