Babette Teschen

My name is Babette Teschen and I am a horse trainer and riding instructor. With over twenty years of experience, I have dedicated my professional career around horses’ healthy ground work and lungeing.

I have helped clients all over the world evaluate their horse’s particular way of moving. I teach international clinics and online seminars and offer private coaching in-person as well as online.

With the right understanding of healthy movement, owners learn how to train their horses more effectively. Thousands of German-speaking Europeans have trained their horses according to my E-book named “A Course in Lungeing,” an online self-study course, which has now been translated from German into English. 

The course consists of webinars, now all available in English, as well as access to the website  Enter the coupon code Horseman23 and everything is 20% off.

Horses have played a major role in my life since I was a child. They have contributed so much to my happiness that I feel compelled to give something back to them. And I know they have the best chance at becoming their most beautiful, confident and healthy selves once their owners are competent, fun, and positive trainers.

Babette Teschen

Babette’s 2023 Presentations

Understanding Horse Movement - In this video you will learn how to evaluate the movement pattern of your horse on a lunge line.


Lungeing riding figures -In this video you will learn how to lunge your horse with more fun and variety to prevent boredom and create motivation instead.