Anna Twinney

Following the call of the horse, a blind leap of faith took this horsewoman “across the pond" to become recognized by British Royalty and the US Government as one of the premier professionals in the language of the horse. Anna Twinney is a Natural Horsewoman, Equine Behaviorist, International Clinician, Animal Communicator, Healer, Teacher, Speaker, and Coach. She is best known for her authentic communication and connection to heal the hearts of horses and humans alike.

Before anyone had ever heard of equine coaching or therapy, Anna’s journey began as a lifelong horse enthusiast and British police officer looking for a way to bring healing to victims and her fellow officers through the horse-human connection. Her search brought her to California to become a co-creator and the first head instructor of the famous Monty Roberts International Learning Center (MRILC). Realizing her journey was only beginning, Anna left the MRILC to find her own voice, working with and studying wild and untouched horses.

Creator Reach Out to Horses®, a comprehensive international equine behavior and training program, Anna has worked with over 10,000 horses and thousands more horse-lovers, professionals, and competitors. From serving military veterans, celebrities, backyard horse owners and Olympic dressage competitors, to shining a light on the plight of the wild horses, nurse foals, tribal mustangs, PMU industry, and supporting the non-profits who fight for them, Anna has worked with and trained horses and people in countless disciplines and industries.

For more than 20 years, her life’s work has taken her to almost every continent; she teaches and trains all over the U.S., the U.K., Europe, Canada, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Africa and more.  Most recently, Anna was engaged by the Beijing AQHA as the first featured female demonstrator, she coached the Chinese Endurance team in Mongolia, worked with equine-assisted-learning programs in Singapore, and filmed with the FEI in Morocco (just to name a few highlights).  

While the exploration into the silent and secret language of the horses takes Anna through global gateways, gentling a thousand wild mustangs and talking to horses telepathically has given her an impeccable reputation to capture their whisper.  Anna’s life’s work is expansive, with an Equine Training Certification program sought after by novices and professionals alike. She is the creator of over a dozen DVDs, author of books, and mastermind behind multiple online mentorship programs, and she continues to develop and teach cutting-edge methodologies both online and at her new home, Whispering Feather Farm, in Mill Spring, NC.

Anna Twinney

Anna’s 2023 Presentations

Foals In Training Part 1 Introduction 

Foals In Training Part 2 Soul to soul -

Foals In Training Part 3 Reaching out, 1st touch, 1st step, 1st follow -

Foals In Training Part 4 Foal gentling -

Foals In Training Part 7 Intimacy exercises -

Foals In Training Part 8 Haltering

Success Foals in Training™ with Anna Twinney A 4-DVD Comprehensive Foal Gentling System. From Feedlot Foals to Foals in Training with brand new life ahead of them. In this revolutionary comprehensive 4-part DVD system International Equine Specialist and Reach Out to Horses® Founder, Anna Twinney reveals the secrets of successful foal gentling. You will be amazed, touched and inspired as you watch Anna create a genuine and powerful bond with 5 unhandled P.M.U. (Premarin) weanlings rescued from the horrific fate of the Canadian slaughterhouse. Combining years of experience training and communicating with untouched and misunderstood horses, Anna brings her proven methods to you to help you unlock the wonders of your weanling by learning to listen to the whispers of gentle horsemanship. Through her compelling and unique T.L.C. techniques, you will learn to teach your foals to: yield to pressure, take their first step, lead, pick up feet, be prepared for the farrier, worming and vaccinations, become comfortable with grooming, desensitizing, trailer loading and so much more. This is your chance to explore, maybe even for the first time, the power of compassionate leadership while creating clarity in boundaries and balance. From their arrival in trailers, to their first touch, first halter and more, Anna and the foals will guide you to understanding and applying this unique set of tools to the successful gentling of your own foals. Here is your chance to learn to make the right steps in the right order for your youngsters rearing program and successful training. Discover how to be your authentic self as the foals reflect a true partnership, built on trust. Understand how to recognize, to ask vs tell, to acknowledge the "try" and keep flight, fight and freeze out of the equation. Join Anna, as she gentles these unforgettable foals, replacing their previous human impressions with positive and memorable first handling experiences. Your foal will carry the memories of those first training sessions for a lifetime. Make them good ones for both of you.