Andy Makacewicz

After years spent at sailing the oceans or teaching skiing and diving as an instructor, 30 years ago Andrew returned to his childhood dreams of riding horses. His passion for equines kept growing while training with great horse people, working as a cowboy in Montana, studying wild horses’ behavior and starting wild colts.
Inspired by a famous horse behaviorist Robert Miller, DVM, in 2010 he started his own multi-level Relation-Based Training Program – JNBT Horsemanship Academy. The program was fantastically received and the Academy grew within few years to become the biggest in Poland and now also in Europe. Over 16,000 students have been trained in 7 countries.
In 2021 Andrew won four times silver in Mustang Makeover Germany challenge in Aachen and his program was presented at UK Horsemanship Showcase and at Western Horse magazine. At the same time the Academy was awarded with Education Eagles prize as well as with a very special title of Horsemanship Academy of the Year - Winner 2020/2021 (Poland Prestige Award). British Jury emphasized that JNBT Academy is leading breakthrough in the modern horse-riding industry. JNBT acknowledges horses as thinking, decision-making animals which goes beyond the simple conditioning methods. “

“I understand that relations lie at the very heart of any cooperation with horses. I also believe horses are thinking, decision-making animals. Instead of commonly used conditioning, I want more – I want a horse that decides to be with me. My Relation-Based Training program is about how to achieve it.”

Andy Makacewicz

Andy's 2023 Presentations

Relations part 1 – 

Andy works with 2 mustangs presenting path of building relations according to his program focusing on trust first

Relations part 2 – 

Andy works with 2 mustangs presenting the strength of bonding achieved using techniques for the first mount and ride with extreme lightness