Allison Baier

Allie Baier is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who treats equestrians of all ages and abilities. Physical therapists are best described as movement specialists; trained to watch all types of movement, identify asymmetries or poor movement strategies, and coach individuals to move properly again. She believes that the therapy experience, much like that of a horse and rider pair, should be a partnership between the therapist and patient to reach the patient's goals.

Allie Baier combines two passions into one experience for equestrians looking to gain a new perspective on their own athleticism. Long before becoming a Physical Therapist, Allie was developing partnerships with horses as a rider herself. She has worked as a horseback riding instructor, clinician, and United States Pony Club Examiner.

Her EquiPT sessions blend unmounted assessment and hands-on care to the rider prior to further watching the movement of the rider and horse together. With photo and video riding analysis she further supports the partnership- aiding the rider to better move and experience the horse, just as much as she helps the rider provide fine-tuned and more clear aides for the horse. Her growing awareness of the somatic experience of our nervous system also brings a new perspective to why our bodies move freely with ease or hold long term pain or trauma that blocks enjoyable riding experiences.

To Allie, education and clear communication are the foundation of both riding instruction and physical therapy. Her calm, positive, and open-minded approach helps horses and riders who struggle with fear, frustration, and lack of body-awareness. Allie is here to help you every step and stride of the way!

Allison Baier

Allison’s 2023 Presentations

Returning to Riding After Pregnancy

 Equestrian Physical Therapist Dr Allie Baier, PT and Pelvic Health Physical Therapist Dr. Lauryn Beecher, PT guide you step-by-step back into the saddle after the life and body-altering experience of pregnancy and labor. Many riders just hop back in the saddle not knowing how their body may be functioning differently or what to expect as far as a proper level of challenge. While commonly mentioned, kegels are not the only answer to gaining back pelvic floor strength and control! This is a medically guided talk on what physical elements of healing, strength, and flexibility you can work on post-partum to come back to riding with comfort, symmetry, and far less risk of future issues such as back pain, hip pain, or incontinence. You’ll be guided through specific, riding-based exercises from core strengthening, hip flexibility, and breathing mechanics, in addition to how the pelvic floor muscles can come back to normal activity both in and out of the saddle. 

The Shoulder of An Equestrian 

New Ways of Connecting with Your Rein Aide” Explore what makes your rein aide effective, steady, and well-received by the horse. Learn strengthening and flexibility concepts that support ideal shoulder posture from a Physical Therapy perspective and how your nervous system state opens up new patterns of connection with your horse