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Virtual Encyclopedia of Knowledge, by some of the most Thoughtful and Considerate Leaders in the Industry.

Like Having a horse fair in your living room. OR...Anywhere you happen to be for that matter!

A Groundbreaking Educational Event

World-Renowned Clinicians, Authorities on Forefront of Studying Equine Learning and Behavior, WEG Finalists, Best Selling Authors, International Level Competitors From Every Discipline, and SO MUCH MORE!

Get a front-row seat to ALL of exclusive interviews, demonstrations, clinics and presentations from world- leading experts on horsemanship Experts you can trust...

Topics include... 

For The Horse; biomechanics, equine learning, equipment  selection, groundwork, bodywork, trailer loading, working with rescue horses, positive reinforcement, gymnastic exercises, suppling exercises,  cantering, biomechanics, energy work, body language, chakra balancing, muscular reaction points,  and many more! 

For The Rider; confidence, rider yoga, biomechanics, riding position, mind, body, spirit, riding with the garrocha, nutrition, clarity, ridden stretching exercises, exercise, diet, life balance, nutrition, intentions, mindfulness, and more.

3 Solid Days of Clinics, Interview, and Seminars with experts that care about making lives better for horses everywhere.

Be Educated by the BEST...

These are people that care immensely about the future of horses, they have spent their lives studying the horse and want to share their knowledge with you. 

They Believe...

Better People = Better Horses = Better World

Create a relationship that means as much to your horse as it does to you.

When you watch these online clinics, and seminars, you will find the answers to horse health and wellness, training, horse care, behavior, rider; mind, body and spirit, and so much more.

Become a better Student Of The Horse...

Understand His True Needs...

Improve your own Mind, Body and Spirit!

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Helping You Become The Best You For Your Horse.

Your Horse Deserves It!

It can be hard to find the time to travel to horse fairsIt can be expensive too!! PLUS who takes care of your animals while you are away!?!
Access The Art Of The Horseman from any device with internet AND learn the methods, theories, and philosophies behind why these legendary horsemen do what they do...
Find the keys to unlock your true potential. (and your horses)
Be INSPIRED, OPEN DOORS, and FIND NEW OPPORTUNITIES for achieving what you once thought impossible. 


The Art Of The Horseman 

Join The Movement! Who Are We?

Horsemen and Horsewomen everywhere who BELIEVE 
Horsemanship Should be KIND and FAIR Above All.
We see the ART IN HORSEMANSHIP We Understand It is MORE than Just Ordinary Training
It Involves the Whole; Mind… Body…Spirit…....Horsekeeping…Health…Wellness…
We are a FORCE of change
Not only in how people interact with their horses and each other, but our actions help 
Better People…Better Horses…Better World!
All Because Of The Horse.... 


✓  When is the fair? September 20, 21st, and 22nd 2019. Can't make it. No worries! We will tell you more about lifetime access after you claim your free ticket. 

✓  When will I have access? You will have access during the event. No Worries if you can't make it, we will tell you about how you can get lifetime access after you get your free ticket.

✓  How do I access it? You will receive a unique login "ticket" and will use it during the event to access all content from any device (phone, computer, tablet) with internet access. 

✓ How do I access the group? The group will be on facebook, you will receive a link in your e-mail. During the event there will be the ability to chat as a group off facebook, at the fair. Some do not have facebook and this will allow them to have a chance to join the community. BUT both before and after I encourage you to join the vibrant facebook community, and participate in the discussion!


Hello :)

A little bit about me, I am Paula Curtis, founder of Audio Lessons for Equestrians, author, coach, teacher, trainer, mom, wife, and student of the horse for over 25 years.  At the age of four, I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

With horses, I found a way to be athletic and equal to my peers...I jumped, I galloped, I barrel raced, I did dressage.
Because of the Horse, I could do more and be more. They have made me into a better person in so many ways, life lessons that have permeated my being, forever changing the course of my life and how I show up each and every day.
I have so much gratitude for what these amazing animals have done for me, AND it is my Life's Mission to Give Back to Them.

I see it as my job to be a steward of these amazing animals.
What better way than to bring horsemen and women from all disciplines and vocations in the industry to an Online Horse Fair. A fair dedicated giving the equestrian community access to some of the greatest minds in the industry, giving YOU access to Equine Advocates from around the world.
Because through education, and exchange of information we as a community have the opportunity for growth through one another.
Helping us all make better decisions for ourselves and our horses.
Better People...Better Horses...Better World!!!

Happy Horsin' Around! Paula :)

Top Horseman & Equine Professionals Share Their Expert Knowledge and Secrets

In First Ever ONLINE Horse Fair

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