Jason Irwin - Episode 2 : Teach Your Horse To Lower Its Head

Uncategorized May 19, 2020


Zig Zags for Leading 

Yield The Haunches

This episode starts with teaching a horse to lower its head. This not only helps a horse become easier to halter and bridle but it’s also a good way to encourage your horse to relax. 

The next exercise we call ‘Zig-zags for Leading’. This shows how to mix-up your leading to keep your horse’s focus on you. 

The final exercise shows how to yield your horse’s haunches. This is one of the most important exercises as yielding the haunches is what can make the difference between being able to keep your horse under control or not when they want to spook or bolt.

Because of the horse I have a lifelong goal – to work every day at becoming a better horseman.

Because of the horse I have been able to go to some really interesting places and meet some great people.


Jason along with his wife Bronwyn operate Jason & Bronwyn Irwin Horsemanship. They are based out of Ontario, Canada. Jason teaches twenty-five to thirty clinics a year on a variety of topics including colt starting, horsemanship, liberty training, problem-solving, trailer loading, groundwork, trick work, and more.

Jason has started colts and given training demonstrations at some of the largest horse expos in the world.

As well as teaching clinics Jason is also part of the family business Northstar Livestock Quarter Horses.


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