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Are You Ready To Discover What Is Truly Possible?

You and your horse, like peanut butter and jelly, an inseparable combination, sweet and irresistible!

Every day equestrians just like you are arriving at the barn with a horse that is excited to see them. 

Their horse knows their job, and is happy to do it. 

They stand quietly and patiently when needed. They are calm and confident in unknown or stressful situations, whether they; hit the trails, or off to a show, or down the road to a clinic they go. 

They ride along in effortless balance like a graceful ballerina, their horse happily performing the most technical movements with ease.


True partners willing to go anywhere and do anything, because their "training" was based on developing communication and trust.


The Question is: Are YOU maximizing your relationship with your horse?


Are you giving him what he REALLY needs?

If you know without a doubt that your partnership with your horse isn't quite as amazing as it could be.

Then keep reading!

You might be feeling frustrated and feeling stuck... 

Handcuffed by hours of watching training videos, taking lessons or going to clinics, but not getting the results you want...

...OR maybe you just know there's something more and you can't quite put your finger on it.

Some worry about failure, getting hurt or they feel they just don't do their horse justice.

Others feel they have tried just about everything... Nothing has quite worked...

It's O.K.!!!  You're not the only one! (I have felt that way too!) 

We all are on our own path, the author of OUR OWN story, and your NEW story begins today!

So... What's the biggest thing that's standing between you and achieving your goals with your horse?

After being in the trenches since our teens, both teaching and training

Jack and I can confidently tell you that it boils down to one key element...

Connection... When you're more connected with your horse it allows you to let go of your fears as you begin to learn more about them and about yourself.

Now, yes, there is more to it than just connection, BUT, when you keep connection at the forefront, most training issues melt away, like butter sliding off a hot knife.

If you want the trust that comes with a  deeper bond...

If you want a softer, willing, more responsive horse...

If you desire to make each session meaningful, and productive...

Then Jack and I would love to have you join us in the Connected Mind Coaching Program.

In the program we seamlessly weave together the rich and colorful tapestry of horsemanship, connection, and true understanding.

Creating the backbone of your continued progress with your horse.

We Are Here To Support You With A Proven Process That Takes Out the Guesswork

It's like giving you the answers to on upcoming exam, leaving you feeling relaxed and eager, knowing it's an ace in the hole. 

You're About To Finally Gain More Confidence and Skills You Need To Progress Faster, Create A Better Relationship, and Find More Enjoyment

This is the same system we have used for years, to help our students go to local, regional, and national titles in; western, dressage, gymkhana, eventing and hunter-jumper events.

NOT by focusing on competition... but feel, and connection.

In this course, we help take your understanding to a completely different level.

Dive into your horsemanship in fun, creative, and inspirational ways; from everyday interactions and groundwork, to balanced, effective, secure riding.
❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ 

Create A Partnership That Means As Much To Your Horse as It Does To You

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In This Program, We Set You and Your Horse Up For Success.

Each Unit is designed with series of short, simple, progressive exercises that anybody can do.

Addressing all learning styles, with video, audio lessons and PDF's


Making your journey as exciting and rewarding as the destination.


With Your Own Personal Coaching Team And Circle Of Support

You feel the confidence that comes with knowing you are prepared.

And the excitement of making more progress in less time.


In The Program:

Unit 1: Beginning True Connection

Problem: Do you ever wonder what your horse really wants?

Solution: Play with this series of fun, and engaging lessonssetting the stage for this new reality you are creating together.  One in which openness, curiosity, and friendship flourish. Through a series of step-by-step lessons, you are inspired to think differently.

Your horse is excited and interested in what you have to offer, like a good book he can't put down, your horse is eager for the next page, the next chapter.

Unit 2: Connected Groundwork

Problem: Nobody wants a sour disinterested horse!

Solution: You keep sessions FUN for BOTH you and your horse! With clear consistent communication you are now able to confidently direct your horse, he consistently responds.

You have replaced "training" with "conversations."

You are both enjoying yourselves, and it feels more like play than training.

Unit 3: Relax, Stretch, Harmony, Flow

Problem: Do you ever think "my poor horse!" 

Solution: You become what your horse needs most from you; a relaxed, balanced, confident rider.  Someone that is present and in the moment. You ride without fear, anxiety, tension or bracing. This series of exercises loosens both of you, improves communication, and fosters partnership

The feeling of unity, harmony and flow is indescribable, allowing you to access what is truly possible.

Unit 4: Exercise Toolbox

Problem: Ever wonder... "What should I work on today?"

Solution: Open a world of ridden exercises... You're Inspired to take your connection MUCH further.  From simple circles, to more advanced maneuvers like leg-yields, pivots, and groundpoles. The audio lessons help you finesse and fine tune your ride in ways you had not thought about before. 

You're always focusing on the partnership, and developing lightness and feel. With a "coach on your shoulder" you are confident and prepared.

Unit 5: Become A Connected Rider

Problem: While watching others, you think... "I will never get that effortless, graceful ride."

SolutionYou learn proper Biomechanics, and balance... Finding YOUR best position, has never been easier! Because of the work you have done in previous units, a balanced, centered position and seat seem natural, and you can maintain it with ease. 

Now you're the one everyone envies as they watch you dancing with your horse... Not 2. But 1, Together. Floating, from one movement to the next. It's a dream come true.

Unit 6: Finessing The Walk And Trot

Problem: You've tasted it!  It's AMAZING!!! You're on fire, and you want MORE, MORE, MORE!

SolutionYou thought you had experienced lightness…  Here, you discover the next level... There is so much that can be accessed utilizing these two gaits, and now you know how.

A breath, a thought, now you are really doing what once seemed impossible!

Unit 7: Connected Canter

Problem: Sick of being intimidated by the canter and all of its intricacies? 

Solution: Exercises that have you confidently; playing the canter like an accordion, lengthening and shortening with easesimple and flying lead changescantering on the trail to using hills for conditioning. 

You feel competent, and comfortable knowing you can troubleshoot and solve your canter work and beyond.

Unit 8: On The Aids

Problem: Ever think "How do they do that?" as you watch the dressage rider dance effortlessly across the arena.

Solution: Not Anymore!!! With this deep dive into further refining the aids. With techniques to turn up the heat and explode your riding skill, you are going to feel as though you can ride just about any maneuver.

Your friends watch in awe as you ride along with invisible communication while your horse seems to know your thoughts.

Unit 9: Interdisciplinary Training

Problem: You're intrigued by other disciplines, but somewhat intimidated to give them a go.

Solution: Explore and enjoy!! Gymkhana, dressage, trail riding, cow working and jumping concepts and then apply them to your own discipline.  Good horsemanship is good horsemanship, and you're learning so much from each discipline. Through exercises everybody can do, you're inspired to think outside of the box.


Horsemanship is Lifemanship...

Life Lessons That Will Permeate Your Being Changing The Way You Show Up Each And Every Day.

Lessons On Life... Brought To You By The Horse!


 Your Success Is Ours!

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Bonus #1 Coach-On-Your Shoulder Audio Lesson Program

Do away with unproductive, fumbling, dead end sessions...

Instill patterns and behaviors that benefit you and your horse!!!

✔️ Imagine the relief going to your horse with a session guided and inspired.

✔️ Feel the confidence you now have knowing you are working on the right things.

✔️ Guided instruction without the pressure to "perform" in front of an instructor. 

Instruction at the time you need it most!

Bonus #2 Lifetime Access To The 2019 AND 2020 Art Of The Horseman Online Fairs

Don't you hate trying to search for valid information online... Such a pain to muddle through it all.

We have done the work for you! With a vast array of presentations and mini-courses from Leading Experts You Can Trust.

✔️ Topics ranging from biomechanics, horse and rider health, mindset, yoga, and more!

We have you covered!

✔️  Enjoy a vast Training resource right at your fingertips,170 trainings only available in paid programs.

A searchable database on everything Horse & Rider.

Bonus #3  12 Months Of Group Coaching

Ever feel frustrated in a session with your horse, not knowing what the next right step is??? (We have all been there, right!?!)

Don't Worry! We are here for you!

✔️ You are supported with the specific guidance for your unique relationship with your horse.

✔️ You bring short videos and we watch one another together, during these "virtual lessons."  You get the support you need to succeed.

The amazing community cheers you on, and celebrates your wins!

Bonus #4  Smart Riders Success Blueprint Course

Do you ever wish you could just get over the "Head Stuff."

...You know what I am talking about.  Those doubtsfears and concerns that worm their way in and take over...

✔️  How to reach your goals, with a proven step-by-step formula.

✔️ Smart riders create a path to their success, AND you have just created it. Wahoo! 

Experience the profound transformation you have now that your mind, emotions, and goals are now in alignment.

Bonus #5  Course + Fair Printable Workbooks

Are you the kind of person that likes to have something "in hand" to reference?

✔️  PDF's, so you can recall all of the important details, and key takeaways quickly and efficiently.

✔️ Handy Checklists, Easy to use Lesson Planners, Goal Setting Worksheets, Take Notes, Record your progress, and more...  

Feel the excitement knowing you have the key strategies and tools propelling you to your success!

Bonus #6 Online Access to Full Length DVD's.

✔️ How to have more confidence, find a better position and refine your aids with your horse as your teacher. Which means you can make more progress in less time. Lynn and Cryil Show you how.

✔️ How to use suppling and relaxation, to grow your partnership as you develop the your horse. (Jec Aristotle Ballou, Author of 101 Arena Exercises books, and Equine Fitness shows you how)

✔️Stormy May travels the world and finds true visionaries, documenting their work... Horsemen and women that share the keys to unlock your own inner potential. So you can create the relationship you always wanted.

So Let Me Ask You This???

What would be the cost; of the time, energy, and resources in finding all the tools you would need to create a relaxed and connected horse that is ready to perform.

What would be the cost of not even trying at all??? 

What would a new lease on your relationship with your horse, one that took your skills to a whole new level mean to you?


Close the gap between where you are today --- and where you dream to be.

❤️  Show up as the BEST You for your horse ---  Your horse deserves it! ❤️


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So really you have nothing to lose, just click below and let the transformation begin.

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Nina From South Africa

"I'm loving the program and try to make new experiences with my horses now everyday."


Imagine how your friendship would grow if during your interactions you focused on the things that matter most to your horse.

Investing in your relationship with your horse is a gift you give to your horse. (a gift he will return 10 fold) 

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We have your answers!

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YES! Everything Above For 12 Payments of $99

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Do You Seek The Best For Your Horse?

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A Comprehensive Library That Takes Out The Guesswork... So You... Create Connection... Find Unity... and Cultivate Understanding... 
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Yes! Everything Above For
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YES! Everything Above For 12 Payments of $99

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Yes! I Want Everything Above For Only $997
Yes! Everything Above For
3 Payments Of $397
YES! Everything Above For 12 Payments of $99