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Front Porch Pets

Unlike the majority of horse treats on the market, we use no hulls or pulp, no meals, molasses, middling's or grains. We do not use artificial flavorings or GMO raised, monoculture crops. Rather, our treats are crafted from whole sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, greens and fruit. Our ingredients are often sourced from within an hours drive or sustainably grown in our own garden and greenhouses on our regenerative farm in Central Wisconsin. We hope to support the trust and bond you share with your horse. As you depend on your horse to follow your lead, to provide his or her strength, speed and grace as you walk life's pathway as partners, your horse in turn depends on you to provide the best nutritional feed and treats. Our Whickers and High Tails Horse Treats are made in that spirit. Most of all, they are delicious!

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