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✔️Learn fun new ways to create meaningful and interesting experiences with your horse that will have him waiting at the gait for more. 

✔️The Horsemanship Mindset...What it is and how you can develop it... Allowing you to be more effective, get more done, and become the one your horse looks to for guidance.

✔️How and why training is NEVER "one size fits all" when it comes to you and your horse. Be ready for your toolbox to grow exponentially allowing you to always find the best solution in all situations. Which means you will have the essential tools and unshakeable confidence to take control of your success.

✔️Learn what makes quality horsemanship different than regular training... And why you should bother to learn the secrets. (It's the difference between happy engaged partners... and sour disinterested horses.)

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A Wide Variety Of Topics...

For The Horse; biomechanics, equine learning, equipment selection, (bit and saddle) groundwork, bodywork, trailer loading, working with rescue horses, positive reinforcement, gymnastic exercises, suppling exercises, cantering, biomechanics, energy work, body language, chakra balancing, muscular reaction points, training techniques, natural horsemanship, and many more!

For The Rider; confidence, rider yoga, biomechanics, riding position, mind, body, spirit, riding with the garrocha, nutrition, clarity, ridden stretching exercises, seat, diet, life balance, nutrition, intentions, mindfulness, and more...

Industry Leaders You Can Trust; Warwick Schiller, Linda Parelli, Mary Wanless, Bernie Traurig, Karen Rohlf, Wendy Murdoch, Lynn Palm, Callie King, Jec Aristotle Ballou, Paul Dietz, Barbara Schulte, Jack Curtis, Pat Parelli, Hannah Weston, Sharon Wilsie, Christian Langeder, Paula Curtis, Heidi Blackman, Stormy May, Anna Bergenstrahle, Carlos Tabernaberri, Kate Fenner, Ariana Sakaris, Missy Wryn, Anna Twinney, Cyril Pittion-Rossillon, Alice Trindle, Bryan Neubert, Michael Gascon, Ivy Schexnayder, Carolyn Fitzpatrick, and more!

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You love your horse... You want to do the best for him…  And you want the connection you feel with your horse to mean as much to him as it does to you.

What if you had a few simple tools at your fingertips to help you with just that. Simple actionable, step by step lessons, guiding you each step of the way.

Achieve more in each and every session. Building a relationship you can both rely on. 

When your horse waits at the gate with a nicker, the feeling is priceless. It’s not hard to achieve, and with a few simple tweaks you will be on your way.

When you watch these presentations, you will be incredibly motivated and inspired!

You will progress in ways you had not yet imagined, as you compress the timeframe for learning vital skills, theories, and knowledge.

Allowing you to do more, and do it sooner, because you have the tools you always needed. (but did not know where to find them)

It is like an online horsemanship course, or large dvd or video library, only better!

If you are looking for step-by-step training techniques, you want to progress with your horse, OR you simply want to be a better horse trainer and partner to your friend.

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