Phillippa’s 2019 Presentations

  • Ground and Ridden Exercises to Transition to Bitless Safely - Learn how to fit your bitless bridle, and prepare your horse on the ground. So you can make the transition to riding bitless easy and safe. 
  • How to Fit Bitless Bridles, and How They Work- If you don't fit the bitless bridle correctly, it can make it difficult for your horse to understand your requests. In this video you will learn how to fit it properly to your horses head, and exactly how the bridle signals your horse.

Bitless specialist, equine psychologist & author of the world's first guide BITLESS 101, Phillippa Christie (MCMA), can guide you through the bridle basics to discover just how important bridle fit is to your horse.

Whether you ride bitted or bitless, bridle fit has an incredibly important role of your horse’s ability to communicate with you. Discover how simple adjustments to your bridle or switching to bitless could improve your training and performance. 

Bitless riding is a great way to discover the work you and your horse need to cover, so often I meet riders who are focused on their hands, bitless challenges you to be more present with your horse and adopt new practices to strengthen not only your training, but your partnership.

Phillippa Christie

Because of the horse, I learned that the art of riding was never in my hands but in my mind.


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