Paula’s 2019 Presentations

  • Stretch to Connect - Ridden stretching exercises to help you connect with your horse - A simple key to profound change allowing you to truly connect with your horse in a meaningful way for both of you. All while finding a better position, timing, and a state of flow.
  • 3 Simple Things You Can Do To Find a Deeper Seat - A deep seat must also receive the horses back and allow the horse to lift the back. Simple techniques you can use in your next ride to find a deeper seat, with your horses comfort in mind.

Paula Curtis wants her students to have fun and be creative in their riding. “I teach because I want riders to feel what is truly possible. If you can learn more about your horse, what motivates him and makes him interested in what you have to offer, then you can train effectively.” “Riding is about; feel, communication and partnership. Riders need to think from the horses perspective, and work with the horse's mind.” says Paula.

If you work with the horse's mind, the body follows. Paula’s concepts apply and are tweaked to the specific discipline of her student. Her ability to articulate her thoughts and ideas, develop a deeper understanding for the student, creating a recipe for success.

Her goal in teaching an understanding of the horse, is to get her students thinking and problem-solving on their own. Her goal in teaching self-awareness in her students, is to help them learn to know their inner-self, so that they can make true and meaningful change, change that is reflected in the partnership they have with their horse.

She has coached students in multiple disciplines including eventing, dressage, hunters, jumpers, gymkhana, etc… Her students have gone on to compete successfully, locally, regionally and nationally. Along with being a coach she is a published author, and magazine contributor. 

Paula Curtis

Because of the horse… I have learned to make the necessary changes within to truly connect, center and grow.  They have taught me to look within first, as that is where true change begins.

I want to make the world a better place. I have always had a passion to help horses and their people in a meaningful way. Horses in their own unique way bring us back to the moment, making it necessary to be present. In learning to work with them through feel and understanding, they teach us about ourselves.  A fusion of concepts on life applied to the horse, making us better people along the way.

Better People. Better Horses. Better World!



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