Mary’s 2019 Presentation

The How Of Riding The Canter - If you struggle with the canter, OR would like to understand the mechanics of the seat in the canter this presentation is for you. Allowing you to take action, with wonderful visuals, and exercises.


Mary Wanless is an internationally renowned coach, who specialises in rider biomechanics. She coaches riders across the entire spectrum from club to Olympic level. She is the author of the ‘Ride With Your Mind’ books, and her most recent book is ‘Rider Biomechanics’ (published in the USA as ‘The New anatomy of Rider Connection’). She has also authored twelve DVDs, and hosts webinars on 

Her aim is to demystify talent, and to teach ‘feel’. She went way out on a limb when she first asked - and over time answered - questions about riding that no one else in the dressage world ever dared to ask! However, recent research has caught up with Mary’s ground-breaking ideas. It validates her understanding of riding skills, the rider/horse interaction, and skill development. 


Her most recent fascination is fascia - the connective tissue of the body. Research has shown that this is the organ of force transmission. Only when the rider can transmit force well through her own body can she influence how the horse transmits force through his body. Without this skill (which can be learned) she is reactive, not causal: She is jostled about by the horse’s movement, which tempts her to stabilise herself by pulling on the reins.

Mary has B.Sc. degrees in both Physics and Applied Sports Coaching, and holds the British Horse Society Instructors (BHSI) certificate. Whilst she is unusually good at coaching, riding and writing, these are all learned skills. She considers that public speaking is her only talent!

Mary Wanless

Because of the horse…and all that my horses (and other horses, along with their riders) have taught me about myself, I am a human being (sensing, and present in the moment) rather than a human doing (things to my horse with no ability to feel, understand, or interpret his response). Sharing this skill with others is my mission, and my greatest joy.

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