Kate’s 2019 presentations

  • Simple Steps to Easy Trailer Loading -  This goes far beyond trailer loading! Kate demonstrates how to break tasks down in a way that is easy and manageable for your horse to understand. She shares a better way to work with your horse with love and kindness to bring about relaxation and responsiveness. An easy to follow approach, no matter how far you are in your horsemanship journey.
  • Eat, Ride, Love – a holistic approach to rider health and fitness - Our horses are not the only ones that need the best care... We do too!!! Kate dispels some of the myths we tell ourselves, and inspires you to better health, holistically.

Kate Fenner is an Equine Scientist (BEqSc (Hons), Charles Sturt University), PhD candidate (Sydney School of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney), equestrian coach (Equestrian Australia and British Horse Society), horse trainer (John and Josh Lyons Certified Trainer). I have ridden, trained and competed in Dressage, Jumping, Western and polo in Australia, Europe, USA and Asia.

After years of experience starting horses for clients, I feel strongly that owners are best served by learning to train their own horses. As a result, I founded Kandoo Equine and have developed a series of ethical, easy to follow, step-by-step guides that are suitable for horses and riders of all levels.

Kate Fenner

Because of the horse, I have spent the last two decades looking for a better way of training, a method that works WITH the horse and FOR the horse. The journey has taken me across four continents, exposed me to myriad horses and different training and behavioural concerns but the thing that really stands out for me is the people and their deep desire to do the very best by their beautiful horses.

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